Faculty Expertise

Department Chair
  Name Expertise
  Ben Tepper Managerial Leadership, Employee Well-Being, Counter-Productive Work Behavior
Full-Time Faculty
  Name Expertise
  Joseph A. Alutto Managerial behavior, Chinese-U.S. management issues, Leadership in higher education, Leadership dynamics, Organizational structure
  Jaideep (Jay) Anand Mergers & acquisitions, Joint ventures, Strategic alliances, Corporate growth, Corporate and geographical scope of firms
  Marc Ankerman Communication skills, Presentation - written - case team coaching, Human resource training and development Organizational and Management Development (OD-MD)
  Benjamin A. Campbell Human Capital, Knowledge Mobility, Innovation, Labor Markets
  Jay Dial Agency theory management, Competitive strategy, Corporate strategy, Management strategy
  Tracy L. Dumas Organizational behavior, Negotiations, Teams in organizations, Effects of organizational policies on employees’ work engagement and work-life conflict, Effects of demographic dissimilarity and status differences on co-worker relationships, Impact of identity and boundary management on individual and interpersonal outcomes
  Jill Ellingson Staffing and Selection System Design, Personality and Aptitude Measurement, Fairness in Employment Testing, Alternative Work Arrangements
  David Freel Ethics, Ethical Decision-Making, Conflicts of Interest, Ethical Leadership and Integrity, Compliance, Codes of Conduct, Disclosure, Transparency, Corporate Social Responsibility, International Ethical Standards,Foreign Corrupt Practices Act
  Jeffrey D. Ford Organizational change, Reengineering, Project management, Management communication, Role of communication in organizations, Leadership, Organization infrastructure, Network theory, Integrity in communications
  David B. Greenberger Motivation, Leadership, Compensation, Temporary employees, Management and technology, Virtual organizations
  Ashton L. Hawk Corporate expansion, Speed capabilities and time-based competition, Strategy, Strategy dynamics in innovation, technology and entrepreneurship
  Robert L. Heneman Employee compensation, Performance management, Staffing and training, Work design, Strategic human resource management, Virtual organizations
  Lawrence W. Inks Leadership development, Organizational behavior, Talent management
  Nilesh Khare Strategy, International business management, Managing corporate performance, Innovation and change management
  Howard J. Klein Employee motivation, Goal setting and goal commitment, Performance management, Employee socialization, Human resource management, Employee selection and training, Newcomer orientation, Performance appraisal, Human resource development
  Tashlin Lakhani

Economic organization, Franchising, Strategic Human Resource Management, Service sector, International human resource management, Labor relations

  Michael J. Leiblein Competitive strategy, Technology strategy, Joint ventures and alliances
  Roy J. Lewicki Negotiation dynamics and processes, Trust and trust management, Conflict resolution, Honesty and fairness in organizations, Executive leadership, Ethical decision making
  R. Scott Livengood Cognition, Competition, Entrepreneurship
  Robert B. Lount Jr. Conflict resolution, Diversity and group performance, Motivation in groups, Negotiations, Trust development and repair
  Mona V. Makhija International and global strategies of firms, Strategic alliances, Organizational knowledge development and learning, Organizational structure and control systems, National institutional contexts, Political risk
  Tanya Menon Organizational Behavior, Power and Influence, Leadership, Negotiations
  Justin I. Miller Financial entrepreneurship; Industry emergence, evolution, and failure; Institutional Theory; Regulatory Theory; Corporate Social Responsibility
  Raymond Noe Training and development, Web-based training, Self-directed training, The 360-degree feedback evaluation model, Influence of organizational and individual, Characteristics on training effectiveness, Mentoring relationships, Trainee motivation, Effect of elder and child care choices on employee well-being, Succession planning
  James Oldroyd International Business, Strategy, Entrepreneurship, Negotiations
  Jeffrey R. Rodek Leadership effectiveness, Corporate turnarounds
  Matthew S. Rodgers Leadership, International business, Motivation
  Anthony J. Rucci Strategy development and execution, Leadership effectiveness, Team effectiveness, Role of intangibles in the value creation chain
  Oded Shenkar International business and management, Chinese management systems, International strategic alliances, Japanese management systems, Organization theory and design
  Judith W. Tansky Managing people in small and entrepreneurial firms, Employee development from both the individual and organizational perspective, The contingent workforce, Compensation and reward systems
  Bennett J. Tepper Managerial leadership, Employee well-being, Counter-productive work behavior
  Steffanie L. Wilk Relationship between job mobility and selection practices, Discrimination and bias in hiring, selection and promotion decisions, Emotional labor and emotional contagion effects on workers