Pace Setters

The Pace Setter Faculty Research Award was established to recognize a Fisher faculty member who has made a notable research contribution is their respective field of study. The final selection is determined by the college research committee. Nominees are evaluated on the basis of the impact of their research in a given area.

The Pace Setters Research Award

2015: Aravind Chandrasekaran Management Sciences
2014: Berk A. Sensoy Finance
2013: Rebecca Walker Reczek Marketing and Logistics
2012: Robert Lount Management and Human Resources
2011: John Gray Management Sciences
2010: Isil Erel Finance
2009: Howard Klein Management and Human Resources
2008: Jay Anand Management and Human Resources
2007: Henrik Cronqvist Finance
2006: Keely Croxton Marketing and Logistics
2006: Mona Makhija Management and Human Resources
2005: Nicholas Hall Management Sciences
2003: Peter Ward Management Sciences
2002: Jill Ellingson Management and Human Resources
2002: Robert Burnkrant Marketing and Logistics
2001: John Current Management Sciences
2001: G. Andrew Karolyi Finance
2000: Bernadette Minton Finance
1999: Zhiwu Chen
1998: Nicholas Hall Management Sciences
1997: W.C. Benton Management Sciences
1996: Anil Arya Accounting and MIS
1995: Paul Schultz
1994: David Wallin Accounting and MIS
1993: Paul Nutt Management Sciences
1992: Francis Longstaff
1991: Greg Allenby Marketing and Logistics
1990: David Mayers
1989: Jerald Greenberg Management and Human Resources
1988: Wansoo Rhee Management Sciences
1987: Peter Dickson
1987: Lee Krajewski
1986: Rene Stulz Finance
1985: Larry Ritzman
1984: Marcia Miceli
1983: Patric Hendershott
1983: Alan Sawyer
1982: Glenn Milligan Management Sciences
1981: Edward Kane
1981: John Shank