Pace Setters Executive Award

The Pace Setters Executive Award is given annually to a “pace setter” of the business community. The Executive Award is one of our most important awards, for it recognizes the ideals that we strive to instill in our students. As we help our students grow and develop, it is with the goal of having them someday be the future leaders that shape the world.

2016: Eric Lenard
2015: Steven A. Davis
2014: Jesse J. Tyson
2013: James E. Rohr
2012: Paula Bennett
2011: William E. Arthur
2010: Sander A. Flaum
2009: Press Southworth III
2008: Joe Alutto
2007: Kenneth Coleman
2006: Elizabeth Mily
2005: Clayton Daley
2004: James E Grote and Jane Grote Abell
2003: Irving Schottenstein
2002: Kerrii Anderson
2001: David T. Kollat
2000: Tanny Crane
1999: Vincent T. Aveni
1998: J.A. “Fred” Brothers
1997: Diane R. Sauer
1996: Alan J. Patricof
1995: Frederick G. Ruffner, Jr.
1994: Raymond E. Mason, Jr.
1993: Sandra W. Harbrecht
1992: Charles Y. Lazarus
1991: Donald B. Shackelford
1990: John B. Gerlach, Sr.
1989: Katherine S. LeVeque
1988: John F. Havens
1987: John H. McConnell
1986: William P. Cheng
1985: Ray J. Groves