Content Management System

The Fisher website maintains a constant look and feel through the use of a few database-driven Content Management Systems (CMS).

These systems separate the raw content (for example, in this text area) from the presentation of that content, and automatically generates a comprehensive and extremely configurable navigation.  This allows a consistent user experience throughout the site, and so all content creators need to worry about is the message to be conveyed by a page.

In addition, the Fisher CMS systems provide means of managing attached documents such as PDFs, Word docs, and Excel spreadsheets, making it easy to add depth to a content page with files containing more information.

ITS Web Services offers support in migrating old, "static" content into the primary content management system, PageBuilder, allowing Fisher content creators to take advantage of the latest web design and site features (such as dynamic media presentation through Shadowbox and integration into the overall sitemap). 

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