YouTube Guidelines

YouTube is a video community where individuals and organizations upload videos to share on a channel and/or playlist, with intended distribution and promotion on other websites and networks.

The key uses of YouTube include:
  • Sharing experiences. Showcase FCOB programs, services, students, and faculty involvement with the community and each other.
  • Brand exposure. Promotes the brand and provides unique opportunities to highlight offerings in a viral way. Increase the awareness and reach of FCOB educational programs, intellectual contributions, and student experiences.
  • Inspire participation and conversation. Connecting and engaging with new and existing audiences… students, faculty, and interested people from the general public.
  • Feed video content to Fisher's website and other networks. Providing a central repository of video that can be RSS fed and/or embedded into FCOB's website, blogs, and other social media networks and tools.

FCOB, specifically, the Office of Information Technology Services, has varying levels of video production and dissemination approaches to accomplish the goals and intended use of each video. Primarily, FCOB centrally manages a YouTube Channel on behalf of the college at:

  • YouTube accounts and channels should not be created by units within FCOB
  • FCOB's YouTube channel has the ability to house playlists and series' as part of the college's channel. There are many advantages to aggregating videos in the online space, especially if the video is intended to be distributed through the website or a social network.
  • YouTube may not be the best or appropriate place for all videos for a variety of reasons like video length, file size, or intended audience. Consult with to work out the best approach.
  • To submit a video to be considered for upload to FCOB's YouTube Channel or for embedding a video into a webpage or social network, email All videos uploaded to FCOB's YouTube Channel are submitted to The Ohio State University's main YouTube Channel and related high-level web pages like

Before considering the production of a video series or recording, you’ll need to:

  1. Establish a clear purpose and goals with a plan.

    This will help determine what type of video will be produced and what type of production and distribution plan needs to be created.

    1. Contact the Office of Information Technology Services to begin discussions about your video project and proposal preparation.
    2. A key decision is… what is the video's plan for use and for who to see? If a video does not have a plan to be used or promoted, is a video really necessary?
    3. Another key decision is… does the video meet an educational or promotional need of the college? Footage may or may not be necessary, and video for the sake of archiving is requires a different path and utilization of resources.
    4. FCOB's Office of Information Technology Services, in cooperation with the Office of External Relations, determines whether a video is appropriate for the college's official video networks and website.
  2. Identify a champion.

    FCOB requires at least one point-of-contact be determined for video production to review the story-line, help coordinate production, arrange/approve costs, etc.

  3. Are content creation pipelines and conversation monitoring procedures established for videos intended to be in a series?

    In order to complete or sustain a video series or playlist, content must be continuously created and managed. Video takes time and coordination, like a chef in the kitchen. Be sure resources are allocated and dedicated to the project.

Use the guidelines and chart below to understand and participate on YouTube through commenting, subscribing, and video response functions:

Keep communications professional and relevant.
YouTube video comments should be appropriate and represent FCOB professionally.
Maintain a professional voice.
Always uphold the best interests of Fisher College of Business. FCOB is an educational institution, and even informal communication that has errors makes us seem less credible.
Refrain from political statements and affiliations.
This includes unofficial sponsorships, promotions, and endorsements of entities and products.
NEVER disclose non-public information about FCOB.
Never post any copyrighted or other intellectual property rights of others.
This pertains to all copyrighted material, including (but not limited to) text, music, video, and software.
Do not use YouTube for any illegal activity
Or any other activity that does not represent FCOB's best interests.
Refrain from behavior that interferes with the rights of others and the duties of FCOB.
Do not use profane, obscene, or abusive language, including racial or ethnic epithets.
Do not harass users
With deliberate, repeated behavior that is intimidating, hostile, offensive, or adversely impacts FCOB social media users.