Web Marketing and Communications

Electronic communication vehicles work hand-in-hand with website content and print and traditional marketing channels, as part of an overall marketing strategy and within an organization's brand, communication style, and identity.

It is important that Fisher's brand and marketing key messages are used as foundation elements for the administration and operation of any social media or communication vehicle.

As Fisher launches social media initiatives, there needs to be a strong, central foundation that leverages all of the “free” methods to enhance Fisher’s web presence. This will essentially create a “hub” of engaging and impactful experiences that attract, retain, and serve target audiences. 

Fisher also needs a strong core and foundation to support the interconnection of all the tools and messages. All of the Internet tools used should support Fisher’s Web site and one another… this is the foundation for building the “searchability” of Fisher’s intellectual content, marketing messages, and interactive experiences while bringing efficiency of content distribution to multiple sites on various social media outlets and our own Web sites.


Key Benefits of Web Marketing and Social Media Tools

Increase the ability for users to find Fisher's website(s)
Enhance the user experience and the consistency of website content delivery tools
Connect and interact with Fisher's target audiences… tell the Fisher story!

  • Support student recruitment efforts and transition of admitted students
  • Showcase the expertise of Fisher's faculty and dissemination of knowledge
Save time and money by automating the delivery and centralizing the entry of content

  • Communicate that Fisher relies on and takes donations to support education
Relieve stress on Fisher's network and web support systems