Web Page Templates

Fisher's website is managed through a central content management system (CMS), where the stylesheets, page templates, look and feel, navigation, and many other page attributes are delivered.

It is required by all Fisher business units to utilize the college's central CMS to deliver web content to help maintain Fisher's brand identity and utilize pre-built functionality that creates a dynamic web experience.


Design and Page Structure

The design and structure of web pages is pre-set and determined in advance in cooperation with the Web Services team in Information Technology Services.

The structure of the web pages include eight main areas; Ohio State Global Navigation, Main Navigation and Search, Main Flash Area, Fisher Media, Sub-Navigation, Page Content Area, Calendar, and Global Footer. The template is optimized for a screen resolution of 1024x768 pixels with a total page width of 954 pixels.


1 Home page template   2 Second Level template   3 Third Level template
Home Page
Second Level
Third Level

Represents Fisher's global home page with large, dominant multimedia gallery. This page also represents quick acess to key areas and Ohio State.


Provides layout and Fisher brand consistency accross the entire website for the main landing pages and global connection to Ohio State.


Provides a practical approach for a wider range of custom layouts - often necessary for deeper level pages. It provides options for pages that need to store for large amounts of content, table data, multimedia, and global connection to Ohio State.

4 Layout One Template   5 Layout Two Template      
Content Layout 1
Content Layout 2

This template is intended to be used for special development purposes such as applications or custom software.


This template is intended to be used for special development purposes such as applications or custom software.


Questions about template use and programming can be directed to:

Web Services


Key Elements

The following are sections of the templates shown above.

Ohio State Global Navigation

Required by The Ohio State University. It represents Fisher’s global web connection to Ohio State

Fisher Masthead and Main Navigation

Required for all Fisher web pages. Key identification of Fisher. Provides two levels of navigation based on internal and external target audiences, as well as search and utility or tertiary navigation.

Key Messages and Story Rotation

Required for all Fisher web pages (though smaller for non-home page templates). Features rotation of relevant content designed to tell the Fisher story, while relating to strategic college messages.

Multimedia Gallery

Interactive gallery showcasing the areas of student experience, faculty contribution, and points of pride. Area includes video, photos, and audio.

Left or Secondary Navigation

Consistent secondary navigation provides access to deeper level pages and unit sub-sites.

Page Content Area

Used to display the primary content of the page; headline, lead text, body text (i.e. an article), applications, etc. A selection of templates is provided for optimal presentation of different content.

Right-Column Widget Space

Provides organization and access to other web pages, downloads, resources, etc.

Global Footer

Required for all Fisher web pages. The footer provides the necessary information needed as a public university and displays Fisher's accreditation association.