Web Guidelines

The Fisher Web Style and Communications Guidelines serve as an extension of Fisher's brand guidelines in an effort to maintain the integrity and consistency of our brand across all forms of media and web environments.

The following web pages serve as a guide for implementing and maintaining Fisher's web design. As Fisher’s site continues to grow across all our departments and we begin to engage social media strategies, it’s important that we follow certain guidelines and practices to provide a meaningful, successful user-experience in our web presence.


Web Page Templates

Fisher's website and web page templates are managed through a central content management system (CMS), where the stylesheets, page templates, look and feel, navigation, and many other page attributes are delivered.


Web Color Palettes

Color palettes have been designed to complement the color palette for print publications and provide a consistent identity on the web. The right colors should be used in balance to achieve maximum impact.


Stylesheet Reference

The stylesheet reference guide helps drive a look and feel that makes Fisher's website unique. Learn how to apply elements and classes to display content in clean and effective ways.



Understanding web typography is important and is unique to the web environment. Type should support the brand framework and provide a practical approach for easy site updates.



Visual and multimedia content engage the senses simultaneously and are an effective way of attracting audience attention, while creating more meaningful connections and invoking emotions.