Online Learning

We are here to support faculty and staff in the use of instructional technology and in the area distance learning. Distance learning takes place when a student is not present in the traditional classroom and is learning via a distance. As facilitators, we will assist faculty in their roles as educators in the areas of educational technology and online learning in fulfilling our primary mission to enhance academic outcomes. We are responsible for maintaining equipment, facilities and systems related to online learning. Our goal is to provide the best possible sustainable environment for successful learning in the college.

Online Learning Services 


ITS provides consultation to faculty who want to deliver their courses and educational efforts to distance education audiences. We specifically can provide advice and support for online courses using Carmen.


ITS provides online learning support and consultation on best practices for online learning as well as training surrounding the associated technology.

Instructional Design

ITS provides instructional design support to faculty and staff to help provide the proper pedagogical foundation to educational efforts.


As a part of the project development and delivery process, online learning tools can assist in developing evaluation tools for your project either produced for online or in-person delivery.

To request these services or to gain more information, please contact the ITS Helpdesk


Carmen is a full-featured learning management system hosted by Learning Technology in the Office of the Chief Information Officer.  Carmen can provide instructors with a dynamic way to share documents, engage their students in discussions and have online assessments along with offering students access to an online grade book to assess their progress. To learn more about Carmen and for Carmen support, please visit our Fisher Carmen Support page. 

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