University Email Service Conversion

Fisher will be migrating to the University E-mail Service. This “one university” service for faculty and staff, which uses Exchange 2010 and Outlook, will replace our existing e-mail system and provide us with such benefits as:

  • Integrated e-mail and calendaring tools
  • A global address list that includes all faculty, staff, and students, as well as meeting rooms and other service resources
  • Feature-rich, web-based access to the service from anywhere through Outlook Web App
  • High performance commitments for service functionality and availability

In support of the university’s strategic goals to “Forge One Ohio State University” and “Simplify University Systems and Structures,” the University E-mail Service promotes university-wide best practices and resource sharing, and improves communications and collaboration across the university.

Migration Timeline

Conversion Instructions

Please contact our ITS Helpdesk for any assistance.

  • iPhone, iPad, and iTouch 
  • Android Phones
  • Windows Mobile
  • Outlook for PC
  • Outlook for OSX
  • Mac Mail for OSX
  • Adding an Organizational E-mail Account

Frequently Asked Questions