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Qualtrics Survey Software

Qualtrics is software for creating and distributing surveys which is available to Fisher College of Business students, faculty, and staff.

How can I use Qualtrics?

Use of Qualtrics software requires an account with a username, password, and email address. This email address must be a valid OSU ( or Fisher College of Business ( email address.

How do I get a Qualtrics account?

You can create an account online at This will generate a trial account with very limited capabilities. Surveys cannot be distributed from a trial account.  Fisher IT Services receives an email notification when a new Qualtrics account is created.  We then verify that the account holder is a Fisher College of Business staff member, faculty member, or student.  Once the affiliation has been verified we upgrade the account, giving the user full permissions, and notify the user of the upgrade via email.

What if I have questions about the Qualtrics software?

Qualtrics offers online tutorials at through the Qualtrics Wiki. You can also access this site by clicking the Tutorials button once you have logged in to your Qualtrics account.

For information targeted at surveys conducted for research purposes, view:

additional documentation is available online.

Qualtrics documentation (430K PDF) is also available in pdf format.

If you still have questions please send them to

I am using Qualtrics for research and I need to provide the IRB office with documentation related to the security of the Qualtrics data storage. Can you provide this documentation?

Qualtrics has provided us with a Data Security Document (139K PDF).