Exam Scanning

Fisher College of Business has its own scanner for bubble and Scantron forms. This is an alternative to the service that has in recent history been provided by the Registrar's Office. Fisher's test scanning service uses the same bubble forms as the Registrar's service.

Scan jobs may be submitted to Information Technology Services (ITS), who will process the jobs and email the designated contact that the results and the scanned forms are available for pickup. Test results are guaranteed to be turned around within 24 business hours. Data results are provided on a CD in a password protected Excel format. Results must be picked up by the instructor or someone from a list provided to ITS by each academic department. Recipient should provide ID and have a receipt to obtain results.

The scanner is located in Mason Hall Suite 320 (Information Technology Services Office). Tests can be dropped off during regular business hours (8am -5pm, Monday-Friday).

For questions regarding test scanning, contact the Fisher ITS Helpdesk.