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If you are using Fisher webmail or Microsoft Outlook or Entourage configured as an Exchange client, the outgoing e-mail settings are automatically configured, and you may send to any e-mail recipient.

However, if you are accessing your e-mail via one of the remote e-mail protocols (POP3 or IMAP) from an e-mail client, outgoing mail will be restricted.


Outgoing e-mail Setup

  • Protocol : SMTP
  • Server :


SMTP Connection Restrictions

Due to the evolving nature of e-mail viruses and spam threats, ITS restricts outgoing SMTP connections from within the Fisher fixed and wireless networks to only the following SMTP servers:

  • Fisher SMTP Server :
  • OSU SMTP Server:


The following limitations are in effect for mail going through the FCOB SMTP server:

  • Maximum message size (including attachments): 30 MB


Errors in sending e-mail through the Fisher SMTP server from off-campus

In order to prevent unauthorized users from sending unsolicited commercial email (commonly referred to as spam) through their SMTP servers, network providers have been forced to block such requests when coming from other network providers (called open relaying ). The dangers of leaving an email server as an open relay include security matters and the easy facilitation of email spam and viruses. Although closing our email servers will not halt all spam and viruses, taken together with other steps and special measures, it will help to greatly reduce these security concerns and annoyances.

Fisher College of Business has followed suit with this practice. Therefore if you need to send mail using your FCOB e-mail account ( from outside of the Fisher fixed or wireless networks, you will need to use the outgoing e-mail (SMTP) server provided by your local Internet service provider. The OSU Office of Information Technology (OIT) has also decided to make OSU's central email system "closed" and not allow open relaying from other Internet Service Providers.

This will not affect you if you are sending email from your office or a Fisher computer lab, nor will it affect normal delivery of your Fisher email from others abroad.

You must reconfigure your e-mail client application to use your Internet Service Provider's outgoing email server. A comprehensive list of SMTP servers for common Internet Service Providers is provided by OIT Enterprise Networking. If you cannot find the proper outgoing SMTP server for your Internet Service Provider, please contact the help center of your particular Internet Service Provider for assistance.