Display Boards

Fisher College of Business has a series of digital display boards on its campus for displaying news, announcements, current events, or imagery related to the college.

If you'd like to get started with the display boards, your first stop is right here. Take a look at the following videos and documentation, and then contact the Helpdesk to get permission to contribute to the boards.

Note: Currently the FCOB Display Boards are only open to FCOB Faculty and Staff. If you are a student and would like to post content to the display boards, there is likely someone through which you can post content. Please contact the helpdesk for more information.


Basic Process of the Boards

Ideal workflow for the creation and publishing of content on the FCOB Display Boards.

The interface to the boards was designed with collaboration in mind, so that many people can contribute content, potentially to be published on every single board on campus. Virtually every user account may submit content to the boards, where it may then be selected by Publishers so that it may appear on their boards. Ultimately, though, content can only be edited by members of the same organizational group, and not by Publishers. This way, content is always the responsibility of the group submitting the content, not the Publisher.

Once a content item is published, there are two versions of the content - the published version, and the submitted version. When a publisher publishes the content, a copy of the submitted version is made, and its details locked . The published version does not change while it's being displayed.

The submitted version, however, may still be edited by the group that created the item. Changes to the submitted version are not reflected in the published version! This is to prevent an end-run around the publisher's authority to deny a content item based on its details; anything that gets on the boards must be approved by the publishers, so the published version remains locked. If a submitted item changes, the publisher will be made aware of the changes and may optionally choose to update the published version.


Informational Training Videos

For a more visual display of working with the Content Management System for the Display Boards, we've created some Flash videos. Just click the link to open a new window with the video. When you're done, just close the window to return here.