Accounts and Passwords

Our Fisher usernames and passwords are gateways to many systems and resources at the college. Protecting your personal information is our highest priority and begins with adopting secure criteria for our passwords. Such practices are also crucial in order to meet information security standards, which allow us to continue collaborating with other institutions and businesses for our academic and research needs.

Fisher has partnered with the university’s Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) to utilize the same password for both the university systems and Fisher systems. With this change, Fisher accounts match the university name.# format and password. When a user changes their university password at, it will automatically update the Fisher account.

OSU requires that passwords be changed at least every 90 days. More information on security policies can be found at

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Account Expiration

Your account is provided in association with active enrollment and payment of technology fees.

Graduate students have full computing privileges each term they pay their tech fees. Privileges remain for 2 terms after graduation or after 2 consecutive terms of non-payment of tech fees. Accounts are deleted at the start of the third consecutive term of non-fee payment.