SharePoint is a collaborative tool available to Fisher faculty and staff. SharePoint is a secure, web-based solution for sharing information and documents with others.  SharePoint can also provide a forum for discussions, a shared calendar, assignable task lists, and memos among team members.

Who uses SharePoint

Faculty: Faculty can use SharePoint to cooperate on research projects and papers with other Fisher faculty or external collaborators. 

Staff:  SharePoint can be used as a department intranet to share forms, set up workflows for approvals or set up online forms for submissions.

Getting Help

  • Use the built-in Help feature provided by SharePoint software.
  • Contact the ITS helpdesk ( which will route the service request to the appropriate SharePoint support person. They will assist you with questions about using the software or provide appropriate training.


How do I log into SharePoint?

                Users can log into SharePoint using their existing Fisher name.# username and password.