Digital Measures

Digital Measures is a faculty activity tracking database package used by Fisher College of Business. This database allows for capturing of:

  • faculty teaching,
  • research and service activities for annual activity reports,
  • promotion and tenure,
  • shar
  • accreditation,
  • and reports to external constituents.

Data is entered once so vital information is easily accessible for multiple purposes. Having the information in one place also enables users to demonstrate the college’s community engagement and to benchmark units with each other to track relative performance.


Who uses Digital Measures

Academic departments, consisting of faculty or administrators use the Digital Measures product to generate reports, including information for AACSB accreditation.

Individuals or departments enter data regarding publications and vitae

This data is entered by the individual faculty member or the department administrator.

Information Technology Services Department

The ITS database group imports contact information, course loads and other existing information from the university SIS system saving time by eliminating unnecessary data entry.


Francisco Gomez-Bellenge is the college administrator of the application. He pulls the data into usable reports for faculty and checks for data integrity.


Getting Help



Please review the Frequently Asked Questions section of Digital Measures for any questions about the core product.