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OSU Resources

In addition to the extensive resources at Fisher, The Ohio State University has plenty of technology support and resources available to student and faculty.


Microsoft Academic Alliance

OKFisher College of Business retains an annual membership in the MSDN Academic Alliance (MSDNAA) to receive access to download a variety of Microsoft products at no cost. The MSDNAA program is available to all Fisher students currently enrolled and all Fisher employees that perform research or instructional activities for the college.



Carmen is Ohio State's online learning management system, which is used by instructors, staff, and teaching assistants to create and share materials. Students can access Carmen from any Internet connection at any time to view the course materials, submit assignments, and check announcements and grades. Carmen space is also available upon request for other university purposes, including hosting discussions or content for committees, research teams, or departments.


oCIO Software

Ohio State's Office of the Chief Information Officer offers a variety of public domain, bulk purchase, and site-licensed programs available to download for members of the Ohio State community.


Digital Union

The Digital Union is a resource for the faculty, students, and staff to explore emerging technology. Located on the third floor of the Science and Engineering Library, the Digital Union has technology, workspace, and a knowledgeable staff ready to showcase innovative Technology that can be applied to teaching, learning, and research.


OSU BuckeyeBar

The BuckeyeBar, located in Thompson Library, offers one-on-one technology consultation and problem solving. Faculty, students, and staff can stop by the BuckeyeBar to consult with the staff who can help you connect to Ohio State's wireless network, diagnose a sluggish computer, address virus problems, or answer questions about IT. Services are complimentary .