Mission and Vision

The primary focus of ITS is to be Solutions Driven – merging new ideas and methods into Fisher's secure technological infrastructure.



The mission of Information Technology Services is to deliver responsive, efficient, and effective services to the Fisher community through technology innovation in teaching, learning, research, and administrative support.



To be a leader in the innovative use and application of technology to enable and empower faculty, staff and students; optimize operations; and deliver world class service.



Governing Values and Behaviors

ITS is driven by a set of strong guiding values and behaviors and takes immense pride in serving the Fisher community.


  • Operate with honesty and integrity
  • Manage to execute, execute, execute
  • Spend College money like it is your own
  • Practice direct, efficient and candid communication
  • Engage others to resolve problems
  • Think how we can, not why we can’t
  • Have fun, but be professional
  • Respect the past, but reject the status quo.
  • Focus on the client
  • Performance manage the team members that report to us.
  • View our actions in the context of the entire organization
  • Avoid surprises by keeping our manager, clients and stakeholders informed
  • Be Resonsibile
  • Admit our mistakes
  • Appreciate and embrace diversity
  • Value a balance between work and personal life