Refer Potential Students

For many years, our alumni, students and friends have played a critical role in helping us identify and recruit top talent into our nationally-ranked academic programs. As Fisher's reputation continues to grow, it becomes even more important to attract the best and the brightest students.

This year, we are continuing our search for exceptional students. As a close friend of Fisher, you have a vested interest in our success. You have watched as we have added high-quality faculty, state-of-the-art facilities and innovative academic programs. This is your opportunity to help us go even further by uniting students with great academic and leadership potential with the value and unique opportunities provided by the Fisher College of Business.

In your wide network of personal and professional contacts, you probably know several potential students who have the special blend of skills needed to succeed in our MBA, MHRM, Macc and EMBA programs. Below is a link to refer these potential students. With those names, we can proactively contact these potential students at the very beginning of their academic search. You will receive a copy of the e-mail communication initially sent to your referral. Thank you for your help in ensuring the continued success of Fisher College of Business.

Refer a potential student