Hire a Fisher Student

Interested in the possibility of hiring Fisher College of Business students? A great idea! Our graduate-level and undergraduate-level students are available for both part-time and full-time project-oriented/internship positions as well as full-time career positions at graduation. Whether you have a ‘just-in time' hiring need or you are in the initial stages of exploring how the process works to hire Fisher students, our experienced Office of Career Management consultants can assist you with identifying the best candidates, help you learn about our on-campus recruiting program, post on the Fisher Job Board, and enhance your visibility at Fisher to help you connect with students, faculty, career management, and student organizations.

Review the list below and identify the most appropriate person to contact based on your hiring needs. Fisher students can add immediate value to your company or organization. Our career management consultants can provide the necessary consultation and guidance to help you create a recruiting strategy so that you get the best return on your recruiting investment.

Career Management

Jeffrey D. Rice, Associate to the Dean
Oversees the Office of Career Management operations and strategic initiatives; provides employer consultation for those seeking MBA students (for internships and career positions) in finance, IT, and consulting. 614-292-8588; rice.122@fisher.osu.edu

Graduate Services

Jamie Mathews-Mead, Director of Graduate Career Development
Provides employer consultation for those seeking MBA students (both internships and career positions) in operations, logistics, supply chain and purchasing. 614-292-8580; mathews-mead.1@osu.edu

Heather Calamari, Director of Graduate Career Placement
Provides employer consultation for those seeking MBA students (both internships and career positions) in marketing. Also works with employers seeking graduate human resources and accounting students. 614-688-8768; calamari.3@fisher.osu.edu

Dan Mayner, Assistant Director, International MBA Career Management
Provides career consultation to international MBA students; develops targeted programming focused on career development needs of international students; engages in corporate outreach/educational initiatives surrounding international employment; facilitates guest speaking engagements and supports intra-and inter-office career development efforts. 614-292-2415; mayner.1@fisher.osu.edu

Stephen Singer, Director, Corporate and Graduate Relations
Provides individual career consultation to MBA and MAcc students with an emphasis on finance and accounting related careers; collaborates with the graduate career management team to generate career and internship opportunities. 614-292-5536; singer.11@fisher.osu.edu

Undergraduate Services

Margie Bogenschutz, Director of Undergraduate Internship Services
Provides employer consultation related to internships for all undergraduate majors. 614-292-8586; bogenschutz.1@osu.edu

Pam Park-Curry, Director of Undergraduate Career Management
Provides employer consultation related to undergraduate full-time career positions for all undergraduate majors. 614-292-8616; park-curry.1@osu.edu

Employer and Customer Support Services

Mark Wilson, Director of Recruiter Relations and Technology
Manages on-campus recruiting operations, employer services, recruiting management software, and on-going analysis of recruiting services and employer satisfaction with services. 614-292-8615; wilson.46@osu.edu

Jennifer Hersey , Recruiting Coordinator
Works directly with companies in their recruiting efforts with Fisher; provides assistance with their on-campus interview schedules and company presentations to students; assists students in the process of their job search and on-campus interviews. 614-292-8587; hersey.11@fisher.osu.edu

Darese Douglas, Database Coordinator
Employer contact for resume referrals, resume drops, resume books and job listings. 614-292-8581; douglas.68@osu.edu

Carol Smith, Career Management Assistant - Customer Reception
Provides information, schedules appointments and conference room. 614-292-6024; smith.212@fisher.osu.edu

Nancy Osborne , Office Manager
Oversees day-to-day logistics of Career Management operations. 614-292-3077; osborne.10@fisher.osu.edu