2014 Asia MBA Leadership Conference & Career Exposition

Sponsored by ODISS, a group of students from the Asian Business Student Association (ABSA) at the Fisher College of Business attended the Asia Business Conference in Boston on March 9, 2014. The Asia Business Conference is an annual gathering jointly organized by student organizations of the Harvard Business School, the Harvard Law School, and the Harvard Kennedy School of Government. Now in its 21st year, it is the largest Asia-focused business conference in North America. The conference aims to foster meaningful discussion on policies and trends that dominate the business and legal institutions of modern Asia. To this end, the conference organizes a series of keynote speeches, plenary sessions, topical panels, and social events featuring distinguished leaders from industry, government, and academia who have intimate experience with Asia.

2014 Student Testimonials

Vivian Yu:

"It’s been a week since we went back; I still can’t believe how fast this trip has flown by and how much I enjoyed. We flew out to Boston with a group of 7 on the first day of spring break to attend the Asian Business Conference at Harvard, MA. This year’s conference theme is “Moving Up the value Chain”. We got the chance to listen to presentations from a diverse series like investing, E-commerce, Healthcare, Innovation, etc. We went between one auditorium and other meeting rooms back and forth to hear excellent keynotes address from speakers. Some of the perspectives they present really refreshed my mind. One panel talking about recreating Silicon Valley in Asia impressed me; the speakers discussed how Asia climbed out of shadow to moved up the value chain significantly over the past two decades, and start its own entrepreneurial hub. Like all of the other students at the table, I listened carefully as they talking about Asian economy and business opportunity. Besides the conference, we are also being able to enjoy our food tour through some restaurants at Boston city. I was lucky enough to have this opportunity visiting Harvard and making many new friends."

Jiahui Yu:

"I am honored that I could have this opportunity of participating in the Conference. Overall speaking, this business conference was definitely a fabulous event for Asian business students to broaden their horizons and stimulate enthusiasm for entrepreneurship. From this opportunity I truly feel the great concern and support from Fisher College of Business. I got exposed to many business ideas I have never thought about before. For example, the Political Counselor of eBay Inc. pointed out the political and legal issues of e-business transactions were really important, yet before I went to Harvard I didn’t get the sense of it. A regional manager of Samsung talked about the development of Samsung and Apple corporations and analyzed the differences of cell phone needs in Asia and in America. Also, after communicating with many successful professionals from Asia, I felt more confident and determined than ever. I believe that I can do better, and there are many things I can try and do. My future is even brighter. If I have a chance to go to Harvard Business Conference again, I will do it without any hesitation. I really love this Conference and the good ideas it brought to me."

Michelle Kong:

"The Asian Business Student Association (ABSA) recently attended the Annual Harvard Business Conference over spring break. As this was my first business conference and having no prior knowledge of what to expect, it was a very nervous trip to Boston. Once I arrived to the conference though and viewed the guest speaker list with the various types of seminars revolving around Asia that we would be viewing, it became a very exciting and surreal moment. I loved the sessions provided to us; we were offered choices such as discussions involving healthcare, innovation and design, e-commerce within Asia etc. All panels were very fascinating to learn from and it was insightful to get the opinions of successful business professionals who work in the Asian foreign affairs department of their respective firms. This conference truly opened my eyes to subjects that are not always discussed in the classroom and allowed me to see what China and other countries have to offer future business leaders. I am so thankful to Fisher’s Office of Diversity and Inclusion and ABSA for the great opportunity, and I look forward to attending the Harvard Business Conference again!"

Fan Yang:

"It has been the third time for me to attend Harvard Asia Business Conference this year. From a fresh member to the President of ABSA, my role in the conference trip has shifted significantly. I carried the responsibility to look after the group and guide them as a predecessor. The task for me is challenging but interesting, I got the chance to apply leadership skills outside school and unite us a team. Indeed, Harvard Conference was a great experience for us not only to learn real world business cases from successful business leaders worldwide but also get to know excellent people and make new friends. We also experienced difference culture and academic atmosphere for world-top Harvard Business School."