COSD Conference

In 2012, the Fisher Business Students with Disabilities Association was formed. The ODISS was able to send the founder of FBSWDA to the 2012 Career Opportunities for Students with Disabilities.

Student Testimonies

Christian Bonner, President

At the Career Opportunity for Students with Disabilities conference, I attended multiple workshops and listened to keynote speakers. At the opening ceremony I was able to meet with the guest of the summit and some of the employers. We did several icebreaker activities amongst each other. I learned a lot about resume building. I also had the opportunity to discover some methods of disclosure when seeking employment in the business world because that is sometimes tough in corporate America for the disabled population. I will definitely be taking and passing that best practice on to my new organization here at Ohio State.

We had an excellent keynote speaker who spoke on her experiences as a bipolar individual and what her life was like with this disability. I had the opportunity to network with Alan Muir, director of FULL ACCESS, and previous director of ODS at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. My two breakout employment sessions were with Ernst & Young and Wal-Mart in which I learned a lot about diversity engagement and inclusiveness of all minorities. The conference was incredible. The second COSD will be taking place next spring in North Carolina in which Alan has asked me to serve as a student ambassador for the event in which I will be attending again!