ALPFA Conference


HBSA is dedicated to enhancing opportunities for Latinos and building leadership and career skills. Membership is open to anyone who shares our values, vision, and mission. HBSA is under the umbrella of ALPFA, which is the largest Latino association for business professionals and students with chapters nationwide and over 19,000 members. Each year HBSA participates in The ALPFA national conference that brings together over 2,500 professional and student members. Student workshops are lead by industry leaders. Daily events offer priceless networking opportunities with student leaders and professionals throughout the country. The career fair has over 50 companies recruiting students for internships and full time positions.

2015 Student Testimonies

Luis Garcia Fuentes

ALPFA Conference was the most fulfilling professional experience of my life. Having the opportunity to network with top tier companies and highly successful Latino students and professionals deeply motivated me to embrace my culture. I now stand in my classes not as a striving business student, but as a striving Latino business student. I now embrace my heritage proudly. Being able to see other students do the same while at conference allowed me to undergo this mind shift. Aside my personal growth, I also received tremendous career opportunities during this trip, as I was invited to interview with PwC, KPMG and Goldman Sachs. I received two offers, accepted one, and now I will be working in Manhattan as an intern. The Office of Diversity and Inclusion at Fisher College of Business has made this possible. 

Gonzalo Adriazola

Certainly the 2015 ALPFA convention has been one of the best events that I've had the privilege of attending. The energy and inspiration is contagious and truly unique. To be able to put together thousands of students with driven mindsets with thousands of professionals from top companies and have them networking, advising, and giving opportunities is marvelous and praiseworthy.

On a personal note, this year's convention has opened many important doors that are pivotal going into my last semester. I had the opportunity to interview for three top-notch companies which leaded me to receive two full-time offers. This is amazing and I am incredibly grateful to have these kind of opportunities.

The talent that is present is unique at all levels and the connections gained are beneficial not only for me, but for our organization, university, and local Hispanic community. I was happy to see some of the people that I met last year in Florida, touched base and discussed how we can collaborate and be helpful to each other.

I am glad to be part of HBSA and I am excited to see the new members being exposed to this wonderful experience that I'm sure has broaden their eyes to realize what ALPFA really is and the fantastic things we can accomplish together.

2014 Student Testimonies

Andres Plazas

The Orlando ALPFA conference was my first conference, which was only possible through the help of Fisher and HBSA… It shattered all my expectations… Among the individuals that I met was the chief branding of ALPFA, Lori Ruff, who advised me, guided me, and opened up a world of opportunities… I was able to gain knowledge about the organization, create a relationship that has the potential to land an internship…Preparing to land an internship for summer of 2015, I had a huge head start participating at the convention, networking with famously recognized firms such as Johnson & Johnson, Mercedes Benz, Disney and others. I was luckily redirected into the marketing team for Microsoft and Wall-Mart which provide internships for the summer… I was always busy, either going to workshops or having a coffee with a recruiter. Overall it was an opportunity once in a life time that pulls together the Hispanic business community for the better of all.

2013 Student Testimonies

Tomas Perez

"This was my first time attending National ALPFA conference. I thought it was a wonderful experience because you got the chance to meet a lot of other greatly dedicated and talented students from around the country. More importantly, I thought that ALPFA national conference was an excellent place to make connections with recruiters and professionals from some of the most influential companies in the world; all of which are looking to bring you into their organization amongst their best and brightest."

Tani Lopez

“This year was my first time attending the ALPFA Conference and I learned a lot from the professional workshops that were held by top companies and the panels with top professionals. You can also make long lasting friendships whether it's students from schools all over the country or with recruiters. I also really enjoyed getting a glimpse of what the professional world will be like and the ALPFA Conference helped me prepare for it. I can definitely say it was one of the greatest trips I have ever experienced in college..”

Tomas Ortiz

"My ALFPA Conference experience was one of the best experiences of my life. It gave me the knowledge on how to behave ion a professional setting. I met many people from different companies and also networked with other students. Even though I wasn’t able to secure any interviews for internships, I was able to gain the experience that not every student has available to them."

Gonzalo Adriazola

"I was introduced to what an ALPFA convention is by members of the ALPFA professional chapter in Columbus. They said it was one of the greatest events they’ve ever attended and that I needed to go. Their words could never describe the absolutely fantastic event this is. Here you are in a World Class Hotel with thousands of students that have your mindset, with thousands of professionals from some of the best companies in the U.S. that want to meet you, guide you, and give you an opportunity in their companies.

But it doesn’t end there; ALPFA convention brings over 70 workshops that provide valuable information for your career development, conferences with top presenters, leadership summits, and to top it off an impressive career fair.

Personally, I made many connections from all over the country, students and professionals who offered me their help whenever needed. I also gained a lot of experience in a professional context and the best part is that I had fun; I enjoyed to the fullest every one of the 5 days we stayed. I firmly believe that the Latino leaders in our generation are being part of magnificent events like this, and I love being part of it. Without a doubt the ALPFA convention is one of the best events I’ve had the privilege of going and I am looking forward to the next one taking place in Orlando."