2016 KeyBank Foundation Minority MBA Case Competition

KeyBank and Fisher College of Business at The Ohio State University hosted its twelfth annual Minority MBA Student Case Competition March 4-6, 2016 in Cleveland, Ohio.

KeyBank Foundation supervised the selection of a contemporary and never-before-used case topic addressing business issues with varied implications at either a national or international level. Teams of three presenters were invited from universities and colleges across the country to compete.  Please note that, due to funding limitations, no alternate member of the team is being invited to participate or sponsored by the program.  Each team benefited from the opportunity to develop important professional skills such as analyzing and responding quickly to often-complex business issues.  Also, teams had a chance to hone their communication and team-building talents while learning from the expertise of business executive judges and moderators.

Awards: 1st through 5th place winners received trophies and team awards ranging from $1,000 to $7,000.  Each team received individual participation certificates and a team photo plaque. Members of each team received a participation allowance ranging from $200 to $400.

Presenting teams selected for participation in this minority MBA student case competition represented ethnic diversity.  At least one presenting team member was required to represent ethnic diversity. 

For more information, please contact competition coordinator David Harrison at

FCOB-kybnkmbacse@osu.edu or (614) 292-1017.


2016 KeyBank Case Competition Results



    Prize Amount

 1st Place University of Southern California      $7000
 2nd Place University of Wisconsin-Madison      $5000
 3rd Place University of Maryland      $3000
 4th Place St. Thomas University      $1000
 5th Place University of Notre Dame      $500


Best Presenters- Awarded $250 each



Alex Perez University of Cincinnati
Debra Wiley Albany State University
 Brittany Banks Purdue University
 Tanaya Deb Johns Hopkins University
 Ricky Triana, II University of Arizona


Best Question & Answer- Awarded $250 each



     Soledad Filgueira St. Thomas University
 Dereje Negussie University of Pittsburgh
 Adriana Kao University of Maryland
Dominique Shipley University of Southern California
Ridhima Choubey University of Wisconsin-Madison


Photos from the competition:

Each team participating received a plaque and all participants received participation certificates. Also, for the first year, Best Presenters and Best Q&A Responders from each of the four brackets were awarded $250 awards. Based on distance traveled to the competition, members of each team received a participation allowance ranging from $200 (399 round trip miles or less) to $400 (400 roundtrip miles or greater).

The judges were thoroughly impressed with all the insights and recommendations the teams gave. The enormous investment of and time and talent was evident in insightfulness of all the presentations.