Ernst & Young Scholarship Reception

Ernst & Young's $75,000 commitment over five years provides undergraduate scholarships and operational support to the Office of Diversity and Inclusion Student Services (ODISS) within the Fisher College of Business. Their ongoing sponsorship and support continues to be valued and appreciated. The funds are used to award an annual scholarship to a student in honor of David Harrison, director of the OMSS. This $5,000 annual scholarship is awarded based on academic achievement, demonstrated leadership on campus and in the community, and the student’s role in promoting inclusiveness within Fisher College.

Additionally, four $2,000 scholarships are also awarded annual to ethnically diverse students who are seeking opportunities in accounting and/or finance and have demonstrated academic excellence and leadership. Ernst & Young also provides $2,000 in annual support for our Annual Diversity Award program, which recognizes corporations and individuals who are furthering diversity goals.

Since 2001, over $125,000 in grants have been received from E&Y resulting in $115,000 in E&Y Scholarships awarded to Fisher Minority Students and $10,000 in Event Administration Support.

At a reception held on Tuesday, April 27th 2010 at the Blackwell Hotel, 26 Fisher College of Business Minority students were recognized as outstanding applicants for next year's scholarship awards. Five students received scholarships totaling $13,000 for the 2009-2010 academic year. This is the 5th class of E&Y's five year commitment.

2010-2011 recipients

2009-2010 Minority Scholarship Application Award Recipients
1. Xiao, Liang "Jason" Accounting/Economics Sophomore $5,000
2. Beltran, Ricardo Accounting Sophomore $2,000
3. Johnson, Naomi Accounting Junior $2,000
4. Macon, Jordan  Freshman Freshman $2,000
5. Nandula, Venkata Vimala Accounting/Economics Sophomore $2,000