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Qualified Undergraduate Interview Candidate Program

The Office of Career Management developed the Qualified Undergraduate Interview Candidate program (QUIC) as a direct response to employer feedback about the quality of interviews, resumes, and professionalism of the undergraduate students they were interviewing.

The goal of QUIC is to help Fisher candidates excel in interviews and receive more offers for full-time and internship employment. Successfully completing the QUIC program will provide you with complete access to on-campus interview opportunities organized through FisherConnect.

How can you become QUIC?

1 Complete your FisherConnect profile and upload your resume

Be sure to complete this step as soon as possible, or your eligibility to schedule QUIC interviews will be delayed.

  1. Upload your resume for employers to see
2 Complete the Fisher Career Services QUIC Program on Carmen
  1. Log in to Carmen using your University lastname.# username and password
  2. Find "Ongoing, Business Adminstration" in My Courses and then click the "Fisher QUIC Program" link.
  3. Click on Content, read "Module 1: Introduction," and complete QUIC Quiz 1 (under "QUIC Quizzes" in the tool bar). You will need a score of 100% on the quiz to continue to "Module 2: Policies and Completing FisherConnect Registration."
  4. Read Modules 2 – 5 and complete the corresponding quizzes. Each additional module will become available when the previous module's quiz has been passed with a score of 100%.
  5. Look for an email notifying you to schedule a QUIC interview after you have completed all 5 modules.
3 Schedule a QUIC Interview through FisherConnect
  1. Log in to FisherConnect, click job & interview schedules in the tool bar at the top of the page and select FisherConnect Jobs/Schedules.
  2. Select Interviews I Qualify For and hit search (** note: this search could include jobs for which the interviews are in other offices on campus.) 
  3. You will see QUIC Interviews appear in the search.  To sign up select the QUIC Interview and then click the gray Apply button in the right hand corner.  A pop up box will appear with QUIC Interview instructions- Be sure to read all instructions carefully.
  4. At the bottom you will see a drop down menu for resumes where you can pick which resume to submit.  To make it easier to see available dates and times, only select your resume for submission and then hit submit.
  5. On the QUIC Interview page you will then see a green Apply button and a gray Schedule Interview button- select the gray Schedule Interview button. 
  6. This takes you to your Interview Requests page where you will see a drop down menu of available dates and interview times. 
  7. Once you select an interview date and time that works with your schedule hit submit.  You will now be able to find your scheduled QUIC Interview under My Interview Activity and then the Scheduled Interviews sub-tab.