Ask an Alum

You can learn from the successful life and business experiences of Fisher College alumni.

The Fisher College of Business offers this resource to network with alumni to discuss career-related issues. “Ask an Alum” enables you to search over 1,600 Fisher alumni in your area of interest who have volunteered to connect with current students. Once you’ve identified an alumnus, you may then send an e-mail via the system to introduce yourself and begin contact.

Many Fisher College alums have graciously volunteered their time and expertise. Networking is a process and, as such, certain "rules of engagement" apply. You will greatly increase your chances of developing fruitful and lasting connections by following these guidelines and referring to the other resources available here.

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Remember to keep your contact with alumni volunteers on a professional level. These individuals have careers, families, projects and their own deadlines and responsibilities, just as you do. Monitor the time and the amount of contact you have with them and show appreciation whenever possible.

The only reward volunteers receive is seeing the positive changes and improvements that occur based on their involvement. Please remember the primary role of the volunteer is to provide information. It is not intended to be used as a network for job placement or other gratuities.