Before the Event:

  • Web site: FisherConnect will make it possible for students to get detailed information about your organization. Be sure to enter detailed information about your opportunities. After January 1st, 2016, FisherConnect will allow you to access student resumes; you can then e-mail selected students and ask them to stop by your booth.


  • Fees $550 (1-4 representatives total)
  • Fees $650 (5-8  representatives total)
  • Fees $750 (9+ representatives total)
  • Increase Your Visibility $50 (by having your company logo displayed on video banners in the ballrooms throughout the career fair as well as prominently displayed on the CareerFairPlus App typically utilized by 1000+ students.)
  • Approved Additional Table $550
  • Request for electricity $50 fee
  • Next day interviews $100

Where to Stay:

Event Agenda:

  • 12pm - 2pm Employer Check In and Set Up (Lunch is not provided, however, employers can dine at the eateries in the Ohio Union, which include the Food Court, Woody’s or Sloopy’s)
  • 12pm -5pm Snacks, Water, Sodas, Coffee, Tea available in Recruiter Break Areas
  • 2pm - 6pm Fair Open to Students
  • 6pm - 7pm Wrap Up and Tear Down

During the Event:

  • Use displays that attract students that are: visually and graphically attractive, have pictures of the work setting, and feature engaging information about job duties, salary, etc.
  • Step out from behind your table to be more approachable to students and attract candidates.
  • Have plenty of business cards to pass out to students. Bring detailed job descriptions. Be prepared to provide some advice to those students who are looking for opportunities for which you are not recruiting (i.e. a human resources contact in the company or someone the student can connect with).
  • Bring recent hires or other representatives from your company to assist you with recruiting efforts.
  • Bring small promotional items so that students have a reminder of your company after the Career Fair.
  • Plan to stay until the end of the job fair to ensure that you do not miss good candidates who may come at the end of the event. Keep in mind that many students will attend the fair around their class schedules; a student who arrives during the last hour isn't necessarily late. He or she may have simply come after class.
  • If you are NOT collecting resumes and are referring students to a website, please have a handout that details the procedure and tells them what will happen next. Make sure to give the website address and directions. Feedback from students indicates that verbally referring them to a website after they have stood in line to talk to you is disappointing and frustrating. Please be sensitive to their need to know how their resumes can be noticed. Thank you.

After the Event:

  • Take advantage of Fisher's on-campus interviewing services. Interview space for day after can only be reserved through the event registration process in FisherConnect.
  • Follow-up in a timely manner with all candidates.
  • Let students know whether they will receive an interview or if they are no longer being considered. If you have no immediate job opportunities, keep in touch with those students who you are interested in for future openings.
  • Continue to use the Fisher Career Management office for additional resume referrals, on-campus interviewing opportunities and job postings.

Sending Materials to Fisher College of Business

If you have materials or a display which you want to send to OSU prior to the Career Fair, please mail to the address provided below. Remember:

  • Delivery of boxes/displays will NOT be accepted before January 30th
  • Write " Fisher Spring Internship & Job Fair" on the label and the box.
  • Send the materials well in advance -- it will take longer than anticipated!
  • Please do not ship to arrive before January 30th or after February 1nd
  • Please put your company name on the outside of each box.
  • Mail to:

    Fisher Spring Internship & Job Fair
    The Ohio Union
    1739 N. High St.
    Columbus, OH 43210


All materials will be delivered to The Ohio Union during regular business hours which are Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. We recommend that you have all tracking information with you when you arrive at the fair in the event that your display/box is not at your table when you arrive.

Sending Materials Back to Your Office

We have made arrangements to have Federal Express pickup available at the end of the fair. If you use a different carrier, you must make prior arrangements for pickup at the fair or for pickup at the Ohio Union during normal business hours the following day. We do ask that you stay with your packages until you are sure the carrier representative has obtained all the necessary information from you and your materials are in a location where they will be picked up.