Fisher, Ohio State rank high for accounting research

Published: 2014-03-20

Fisher College of Business at Ohio State boasts one of the most productive accounting faculty in the world. According to Brigham Young University’s 2013 Accounting Research Rankings, Ohio State’s faculty ranks 4th in the world, as measured using peer-reviewed articles published in the top 11 accounting journals over the last six years. More than 500 schools from across the globe were ranked according to their research contributions to leading accounting academic journals.

“Accounting research and education have a rich history at Ohio State. In addition to offering world-class academic programs, our outstanding faculty are among the most innovative and productive groups in the world in terms of knowledge creation,” said Waleed Muhanna, chair of Fisher’s Department of Accounting and MIS. “Leading-edge scholarship is key to our mission as a department, college and university.”

The work of Fisher and Ohio State faculty also led to top rankings in a number of categories, including:

  • 1st in the world for managerial analytical research, focusing on incentives and managerial decision making using mathematical models of agents and markets
  • 4th in the world for financial archival research, focusing on financial reporting using stock market and company data

Rankings of all publications since 1990, as far back as the Accounting Research Rankings has collected data, places Ohio State 5th worldwide.