Hybrid Digital Marketing course launches

Published: 2012-04-09

Mobile, interactive, hybrid and digital.

The newest MBA course launched this spring has all the sexy elements and buzz words that represent cutting-edge marketing strategies. It also includes an exciting new instructional partner—Resource Interactive, one of the nation’s top-rated digital marketing agencies.

The MBA program’s Digital Marketing (M&L 894) course will provide students with skills to develop and execute strategies and tactics associated with cross-channel marketing in today’s digital age.

Senior management from Resource Interactive will teach most of classes, including Resource Interactive’s CEO Kelly Mooney and Nita Rollins, the agency innovation consultant and director of thought leadership. Mooney and Rollins are also the authors of the primary course text, “The OPEN Brand-When Push Comes to Pull in a Web-Made World.”

Nancy Kramer, Resource Interactive’s founder and chief culture officer, said this type of relationship, between an agency and a university is the first of its kind.

“The course will examine the digital marketing industry as a whole,” said Michael Bills, the course instructor and executive director of Fisher’s Innovation Initiative. “But what is truly unique about this course is that the nationally renowned agency Resource Interactive and its founder and Chief Culture Officer Nancy Kramer are partnering with Fisher to teach and offering their company and strategy as key components of the curriculum.”

Students will learn various techniques related to analytics and marketing research, strategy formulation, design, development of marketing tactics, such as web and mobile strategies for e-commerce.

In classroom instruction will take place at Resource Interactive’s headquarters in the Nationwide Arena District. But the majority of the course instruction will happen  online in modules developed in partnership with Bills, Fisher Educational Technologies team and Resource Interactive.Students will work on team projects and engage in online team discussions and study cases from Harvard Business Review.