Marketing Alumni Research Camp held

Published: 2008-04-26

This day-and-a-half event April 24-25, 2008 reunited Marketing Doctoral grads from 1995 through 2007 to share their research with each other, the faculty, and current marketing Ph.D. students. Professor Greg M. Allenby, organizer of the camp and Marketing Ph.D. Program Coordinator, welcomed doctoral grads from as near as Kent State and as far as Taiwan and Korea.

Eight of the 12 grads who were able to attend made presentations on their current work. The Consumer Behavior-oriented talks dealt with Brand Stretchability, Memory, the Role of Prior Trust, the Impact of Planning Difficulty, and Organizational Exploration. The Quantitative-oriented presentations explored Variety Seeking Behavior, Joint Choice, and Under Reporting Bias.

Professor Allenby said that beyond the “reunion” and information-sharing aspects of the interaction, there were two unforeseen but valuable outcomes. The faculty learned that our grads continued to wrestle with questions they were exposed to on doctoral exams to help develop their research. In addition, the reunion was reassuring to current doctoral students who could observe their predecessors in successful, productive careers.

Alumni participants included Rohini Ahluwalia (University of Minnesota), Neeraj Arora (University of Wisconsin), Lichung Jen (National Taiwan University), Bob Jewell (Kent State University), Ling-Jing Kao (Santa Clara University), Jaehwan Kim (Korea University), Qing Liu (University of Wisconsin), Kyeong Sam Min (University of South Dakota), Nicole Montgomery (University of William and Mary), Sekar Raju (Iowa State University), Deepak Sirdeshmukh (North Carolina State University) and Sha Yang (New York University).