Fisher Email Migration for Faculty and Staff

Published: 2014-04-01

Starting 4/7/2014, Fisher E-mail and calendar accounts will be migrated to the University E-mail Service (UES).

What do you need to know and do?

  • Beginning on 4/7/2014 thru 4/18/2014, Fisher will migrate e-mail and calendar to the University Email Service (UES).
  • See migration schedule below, please make note of your migration date and set a reminder.
  • Any phone, tablet, laptop and computer will need to be reconfigured for UES – on your scheduled migration date.
  • Individuals can reconfigure their own devices. Self-help documentation can be found online at
  • All e-mail, contacts, tasks and calendar items will be copied from the Fisher e-mail system to your new UES mailbox starting at 9am.  All of your items will be copied (e.g., if you have 3.8GB of mail/calendar/contacts/tasks, all 3.8GB will move to UES).
  • A Service Technician will be on-site during your department’s migration date and can help reconfigure your computer, laptop or mobile device to connect to the university email system.
  • If you are currently forwarding your OSU e-mail to a 3rd party e-mail service (e.g., Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc...) you will not be affected and do not need to take any action.  Your email will continue to forward to that service. You can verify your email forwarding setting by logging into

What will happen if you are on campus during your scheduled migration date?

  • Service technicians will arrive at the departmental office at approximately 9am on the day of the department’s scheduled move to assist with reconfiguring devices.

The technicians will:

  • Reconfigure your computer’s supported email clients for UES.
  • Help you to connect your personal mobile devices (e.g., iPhone, Android, iPad, tablet) to UES —please remember to bring them with you.

Please note:the on-site technicians will be working a very tight schedule during your migration day and need to focus on making the required changes on your computer…so they may not be able to assist you with other service issues during that time. Please contact the ITS Helpdesk if other service issues arise and someone else will respond.

What will happen if you are traveling or unavailable during your scheduled migration day?

  • Your email and calendar will still be migrated.
  • Use your OSU name.# login and password to access your email via the web (webmail) at Your email will begin to appear in your new UES email account throughout the day as we copy it over from the Fisher server.
  • If necessary, you can continue using webmail until you are able to return to campus.  Please contact the Fisher ITS Helpdesk to schedule an appointment if you need assistance configuring your devices.

Thank you for your time and cooperation with this important university initiative. Please contact the Fisher ITS Helpdesk if you have any questions or concerns regarding the migration process.

Migration Schedule:

Monday, April 7

  • Information Technology Services (ITS)
  • Facilities and Classroom Technology Support Services (FCTSS)
  • Fisher Shared Services (FSS)

Tuesday, April 8

  • Office of External Relations (OER)
  • National Center for Middle Market (NCMM)
  • Office of Diversity and Inclusion Student Services (ODISS)
  • Office of the Dean (DEAN)
  • Office of Marketing & Communications (OMC)

Wednesday, April 9 – Sunday, April 13

  • Graduate Students

Friday, April 11

  • Graduate Programs Office (GPO)
  • Office of Career Management (OCM)
  • Executive Education (EXECED)

Monday, April 14

  • Management Sciences (MS)
  • Finance (FIN)
  • Center for Operational Excellence (COE)
  • Risk Institute (RI)

Tuesday, April 15

  • Accounting & MIS (ACCTMIS)
  • Marketing & Logistics (MKTGLOG)

Thursday, April 17

  • Management & Human Resources (MHR)

Friday, April 18

  • Undergraduate Program Office (UGPO)
  • Undergraduate Leadership Engagement Office (ULEO)
  • Center for Entrepreneurship (CE)
  • Office of Global Business (OGB)
  • Nationwide Center for Advanced Customer Insight(NCACI)

Contact ITS

Phone: 614-292-8976 
Walk-in: 320 Mason Hall, 8am - 5pm, Monday - Friday