Video conferencing: Helping extend your reach

Published: 2010-01-28

Getting special guests and experts to speak in front of your class can be an expensive proposition if that person lives far away. Distance barriers can be prohibitive, but what if you could still bring that person into your classroom through video conferencing?

Video conferencing allows you to connect with just about anyone, anywhere in the world. The real benefit of video conferencing, when compared with a teleconference, is that you can interact with that person almost as if they were in the room through full-motion video and audio.

ITS has two portable video conferencing units that can be deployed into any classroom on the Fisher campus. Along with the portable carts, ITS also has a high-definition video conferencing studio in the basement of Mason Hall.

If you would like to incorporate these video conferencing capabilities into your instructional delivery, please contact the ITS Helpdesk well in advance to determine all of the technical needs of the connection and to allow for testing.