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Source: as of Sept. 8, 2006

Working papers and unpublished scholarly articles developed by Ohio State business faculty will be made available to the academic community when the “Fisher Working Paper Series” debuts on the Social Sciences Research Network ( this week.

SSRN is an organization that collects and disseminates cutting-edge, pre-publication scholarly research in a variety of disciplines including business. Last April, SSRN ranked Fisher 16th among business schools highlighting the faculty’s influential research.

The Fisher page hosted on will make faculty working papers available for easy download. will also distribute a periodic e-mail newsletter to notify network members of new research papers by Fisher faculty.

“The intellectual productivity of our faculty is extraordinary, particularly when you take into account that our professors still devote a significant amount of time to teaching and advising students,” said Fisher Dean Joseph A. Alutto. “But what is even more impressive is the substantial impact that our faculty scholarship is having on the greater research community and its application in the business world.”

Fisher’s high placement in the SSRN ranking was based in part on the quantity of downloads of research papers from the SSRN eLibrary system. Fisher’s launch of the Working Paper Series on will make faculty scholarship that much more accessible to other scholars and researchers who use SSRN.

SSRN has become a leading medium for distribution of unpublished and published research in disciplines such as business, economics and law. Its value to the academy rivals many professional and research journals.

"SSRN is the most effective vehicle I know of to communicate my research to the global academic and practitioner community,” said Andrew Karolyi, Charles R. Webb Professor of Finance at Fisher. “It also helps me keep on top of research developments elsewhere. The functionality of the service is absolutely first-class. SSRN is no longer just an optional research tool, but a necessary one.”

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