Fisher brings home the green in competition

Fisher MBA students took home all the green, winning first, second and most innovative awards at the third annual Get Green Business Case Competition sponsored by NetJets.

The competition pitted teams of master level business students from area schools against one another to come up with the best solution to greenhouse gas emissions at NetJets. The Green Business Committee of Mayor Michael Coleman’s Get Green Team organized the case competition to promote green business practices in and around Columbus. The competition was opened to all the master level business programs in central Ohio.

On the first place team, Green Sky Consulting, were Benjamin Hummel, Vandana Rajakumar, Mike Nemeth and Joseph Wechsler. Kermit Consulting team, which included Malika De silva, Philip Tamoutselis, Kara Towner-Larsen and Michael Hrostoski received second place honors. Winners of the most innovative award were Celina Dopoulos, Adam Boyle, Melissa Hickey and Michael Parker of the Green Angels team. All three teams were coached by Marc Ankerman, a faculty member in the Master’s Labor and Human Resources program.

With sustainability and green business concepts now at the forefront of management education at Fisher, interest was high in the competition, according to Ankerman. “We actually had to do an internal competition this time,” he said, about choosing students to represent Fisher. “We had more than 11 teams interested and only had six available slots.”

The five-day contest began at noon Thursday, Nov. 6 when the teams received the case study outlining the sustainability challenges at NetJets. On Tuesday, Nov. 11 the teams presented their findings and recommendations to a panel of judges at Port Columbus International Airport.

The event judges were Eric Wunderlich and Richard Smith of NetJets, and Joseph Fiksel, executive director of the Center for Resilience at Ohio State. David Brehm, the chair of Mayor Coleman’s Green Team, handed out recycled glass plaques to the winning teams. "