2008 Biz Quiz grows, attracts 24 business schools from across the nation

A fledgling business contest that began three years ago at Fisher with 11 schools is now a popular academic competition drawing 24 spirited teams of the nation’s most talented undergraduates. The universities of Southern California, Texas, Emory, Arizona, Michigan, Notre Dame and Penn State are among the schools vying to prove they are on top of today’s red-hot business news at the 2008 Nationwide Fisher Biz Quiz.

Biz Quiz, a fast-paced quiz show that tests students’ knowledge of critical business news, will be held Nov. 15-16 at Fisher and in front of television cameras at the WOSU studios at the Center of Science and Industry. The event is hosted by Fisher in partnership with The Wall Street Journal, and is sponsored by Nationwide’s Financial Leadership Rotation Program.

Created by Rao Unnava, associate dean of undergraduate programs at Fisher and the W. Arthur Cullman Professor of Marketing, the event is designed to be entertaining and enlightening for both contestants and the studio audience.

“This competition is an example of applied learning in action,” said Shashi Matta, professor of marketing at Fisher and the faculty director for Biz Quiz. “The format of a quiz show—which is similar to high-pressure situations that will confront new graduates in the business world—helps students develop their skills in real-time analysis, decision-making, teamwork and public speaking.”

On Saturday, Nov. 15, teams will converge on Fisher’s state-of-the-art campus for preliminary and semi-final rounds. Students will compete by demonstrating their awareness of business news, issues and trends as reported in The Wall Street Journal. Quiz questions will be drawn directly from Journal articles that appeared in Oct. 1-Nov. 12 issues.

Students will participate as individuals and on three-member school teams in three rounds of competition. The final face-off will begin at 10 a.m. on Sunday at COSI in two rounds with team play. Teams will race against the clock and each other to be the first to respond with correct answers to questions pulled from Journal articles. The three top-scoring schools will face off in a final showdown before a live television studio audience.

Borrowing from the game show format of “Jeopardy,” during the final round, teams will sound a buzzer when they believe they have the correct answer. Questions will appear on a large-screen and read by the Biz Quiz emcee, Krishnan Anantharaman, managing editor of The Wall Street Journal Classroom Edition.

Quizmaster Anantharaman will provide engaging and lively commentary during the competition. He began his professional career at the Journal in New York after graduating from Northwestern University's Medill School of Journalism in 1991. He has since worked on various Journal desks as a news and features editor. Based in the paper’s Detroit bureau, Anantharaman is in his eighth year as editor of The Wall Street Journal Classroom Edition, the Journal's financial-literacy program for high school students.