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Research by Allenby lauded as ‘a home run paper’ by leading marketing journal

Big Ten schools face off in MBA business case competition

MBA students prepare to meet Warren Buffett

International economist and former career diplomat offers plan to avert global crisis

Expanded country options increase student interest in study abroad

Fisher People: Mandy Dunn

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Scholar SpotlightResearch by Allenby lauded as ‘a home
run paper’ by leading marketing journal

An editorial in the current issue of Marketing Science by Eric Bradlow of University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School praises a paper co-authored by Greg Allenby, the Helen C. Kurtz Chair in Marketing, as an example of an academic “home run.”

Bradlow, who was recently named editor-in-chief of Marketing Science, discussed in the Winter 2008 editorial, “Enticing and Publishing the Home Run Paper,” his new vision for the journal and his priority on publishing high impact research.

He defines a “home run” research paper as one that “changes my thinking.” Bradlow wrote, “a common thread is that all home run papers trigger the reaction, ‘I wish I had thought of that.’”

Papers Bradlow used to illustrate that concept included a 2004 paper Allenby co-authored with Timothy Gilbride, an assistant marketing professor at Notre Dame’s Mendoza College of Business, “A Choice Model with Conjunctive, Disjunctive, and Compensatory Screening Rules.” Allenby is recognized as a leading researcher in applying Bayesian methods and mathematical modeling of behavioral process.

“In this paper, the authors implement, within a Markov Chain Monte Carlo framework an approach to infer (derive a posterior probability) for the type of decision process (conjunctive, disjunctive, or compensatory) that a given respondent is utilizing,” Bradlow wrote. “The beauty of this paper is that this is done by augmenting the parameter space with latent indicator variables, a well-established framework but never applied to this important problem. It is a very clever way to “walk around” customer decision space and is a nice blend between mathematics, statistics and theories of consumer processing.”

Research at Fisher on Bayesian methods first took national attention with a series of conferences, “Bayesian Methods and Applications in Marketing,” held 1999-2002 for researchers, practitioners and doctoral students. Allenby co-authored the bestseller statistics textbook, Bayesian Statistics and Marketing with Peter Rossi and Rob McCulloch at the University of Chicago.

Allenby is a fellow of the American Statistical Association and an Associate Editor for Marketing Science, the Journal of Marketing Research, the Journal of Business and Economic Statistics, and Quantitative Marketing and Economics.

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Big Ten schools face off in MBA
business case competition

MBA teams from all 11 schools in the Big Ten conference will battle on the Fisher College of Business campus in the 16th annual Big Ten MBA Case Competition April 10-12.

Fisher launched the annual competition almost 15 years ago to provide first-year MBA candidates an opportunity to put their skills to work while grappling with real-world business issues. The MBA teams receive information about the case Friday morning and have until Saturday morning to analyze the facts and prepare their case for first-round judging. The complex case will be multidisciplinary and require knowledge of many facets of business including accounting, finance, marketing, operations and strategy. Teams make a formal presentation in which they recommend a course of action and defend their strategy in a simulated boardroom setting.

“The Big Ten Case Competition gives students an opportunity to apply their knowledge and experience to challenging business problems and to demonstrate their skills to top business executives,” said Karen Hopper Wruck, associate dean for MBA programs and Dean’s Distinguished Professor.

There are two rounds in the competition. During the first round, three teams compete against one another with the winning teams advancing to the final round. In addition to team awards, individual awards will be given for best speaker and best question and answer.

“Past case members have commented on how this experience has assisted them when they get on the job, presenting to CEO’s, CFO’s and other members of an executive team,” said Marc Ankerman, who teaches on the faculty for the Department of Management and Human Resources and coaches Fisher’s case teams. “The experience of working in a team, with a deadline, and then having to take the heat of questions and answers, builds the muscles these fresh MBA’s need as they re-enter the corporate world.”

The top three teams go on to compete in the Big Ten/Pacific Ten Rose Bowl challenge in 2009.

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MBA students prepare to meet Warren Buffett

First-year MBA student Kimani Phifer works with a fifth-grade student he mentors through Junior Achievement's BizTown program.

Internationally renowned business leader and philanthropist, Warren Buffett, CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, has invited MBA students from Fisher to spend the day with him in Omaha, Nebraska.

On April 24-25, more than 90 MBA students enrolled in the full-time and working professional programs will lunch with Buffett and participate in question and answer session with the acclaimed investor. Buffett selects business schools from around the country for lunch and chat sessions. To show their appreciation to Buffett, students will present him with a special surprise gift.

“Mr. Buffett extends this invitation to only a select number of MBA programs,” said Karen Hopper Wruck, associate dean for MBA programs. “We are honored to be among one of the select schools invited to spend the day with him. To have an intimate conversation with a world renowned business leader is an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for our students.”

In preparation for the trip, MBA students have been engaging in a number of activities both in the community and on-campus. Several students have volunteered for Junior Achievement serving as mentors to area public school students.

The Fisher volunteers worked with fifth-grade students Feb. 26-29 in JA BizTown a mock city. The Fisher students advised the schools students, who operated 14 simulated businesses, managed personal and business bank accounts and voted for public officials.

“Students who participated in the JA Biztown event were invigorated by the entrepreneurial spirit within Columbus’ youth,” said Duane Limpert, a second-year MBA student. “We enjoyed mentoring the school children. In turn, we look forward to speaking to and learning from Mr. Buffet during our visit with him.”

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International economist and former career diplomat offers plan to avert global crisis

J.F. Rischard (left), a financial economist and former career diplomat, talks with Richard Smith, senior vice president of marketing for NetJets during Executive Education’s Breakfast Club meeting on March 7.

During Executive Education’s early morning Breakfast Club in March, a former World Bank vice president for Europe gave business leaders an alarming wake-up call.

Jean-François Rischard, a financial economist and former career diplomat, is predicting a major global crisis in the next 20 years. But along with his predictions for global gloom, Rischard, who spent three decades at the World Bank and holds degrees in economics, law and a Harvard MBA, presented a ray of hope with his comprehensive plan to address and solve the problems.

Author of High Noon: 20 Global Problems, 20 Years to Solve Them, the soft-spoken Rischard has worked as a consultant to world government leaders, particularly in developing countries, to advise them on strategies to overhaul their economic and education systems and exploit technological innovations.

“There are two big forces of changes that are ahead of our ability to respond to them—population increase and the new economy,” he told the audience of 75 area business leaders and members of the Fisher community. Read More »

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Expanded country options increase
student interest in study abroad

Fisher students Sonia Ruzimovsky (left) and Sara Kinning stand in front of the La Scala Opera House during their study abroad trip to Milan, Italy last fall.

New international partnerships with universities around the world have helped create a growing interest among Fisher students to study abroad. The expanded program offers both undergraduate and graduate students the opportunity to study for a term in countries including Italy, France or the Netherlands.

The number of Fisher students taking advantage of the opportunity to live and learn within a completely different culture has quadrupled over the past year. Fisher’s International Programs Office (IPO) has agreements with 26 colleges and universities on every continent except Antarctica.

For Sara Kinning, a senior in finance, studying at Bocconi University in Milan, Italy last fall helped her realize she wanted to pursue a career in international business. Kinning also enjoyed experiencing different cultures, people and cuisine in each of the cities she traveled to in Italy.

“Studying abroad certainly opened my eyes to how diverse the world is and broadened my perspective regarding a career,” she said. “I had always been interested in the idea of working and living abroad. Studying abroad helped me realize that it was something I definitely wanted to pursue.”

Studying outside of the United States can also help students develop an international network and hone their language skills, said Melanie Caugherty, assistant director of IPO.

Participating students pay tuition through Ohio State and receive credit for successfully completed classes while studying abroad. For more information on the program visit the International Programs’ Web site or contact Caugherty to schedule an appointment.

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Fisher People: Mandy Dunn
Title: Microsoft Systems Administrator

Hobbies/interests: “I have two kids (Alice, 6 and Conor, 2) so anything I can do with them is a real joy for me. I also enjoy scrapbooking, crochet and walking outside in the warmer months.”

FisherLure: “Everyone says they like working with the people at Fisher and that’s true for me too, but I also like working with all the interesting technology we have behind the scenes. There are new challenges and opportunities for learning everyday which keeps my job interesting.”

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Calendar of Events

April 8
A representative from Deloitte & Touche will speak at the Accounting Association meeting at 7:30 p.m. in 220 Schoenbaum Hall. More information is available online at the Accounting Association Web site.

April 9
A representative from Accenture will speak at the Information Systems Association meeting at 7:30 p.m. in 200 Schoenbaum Hall. More information is available online at the ISA Web site.

April 11
Keenan Delaney, president of The Rockridge Group, will be the featured speaker at the Cullman Executive Luncheon Series from 12:30 to 1:15 p.m. in 161 Gerlach Hall. More information is available online at the Leadership and Professional Development HUB.

April 14
Joel Pizzuti, president of Pizzuti Companies, will be the featured speaker at the Cullman Executive Luncheon Series from 12:30 to 1:15 p.m. in 161 Gerlach Hall. More information is available online at the Leadership and Professional Development HUB.

April 15
Karen Ickes, vice president of human resources for Wendy’s International, will be the featured speaker at the Cullman Executive Luncheon Series from 12:30 to 1:15 p.m. in 161 Gerlach Hall. More information is available online at the Leadership and Professional Development HUB.

April 16
A representative from Cardinal Health will speak at the Information Systems Association meeting at 7:30 p.m. in 200 Schoenbaum Hall. More information is available online at the ISA Web site.

A representative from Marathon Oil will speak at a joint meeting of the Transportation and Logistics Association and Purchasing and Supply Management Association. Pizza will be served at 7 p.m. in 209 Schoenbaum Hall and the meeting will start at 7:30 p.m. in 230 Schoenbaum Hall. More information is available online at the TLA Web site.

April 17
Toshi Amino, former vice president of Honda of America, will lecture on “Japan and China: Dependency and Competition” as a part of the Distinguished International Speaker Series presented by the International Programs Office from 12:20 p.m. to 1:20 p.m. in 355 Gerlach Hall. More information is available online at the Leadership and Professional Development HUB.

April 18
Chris Keylon, vice president of operations for FedEx, Ken Gile, chief operating officer of Skybus Airlines, and Rita Lane, executive vice president of integrated supply chain for Motorola, will speak at the Operations and Logistics Management Association Summit from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. More information is available online at the Leadership and Professional Development HUB.

News Briefs

U.S. News releases business school rankings
In U.S. News and World Report's 2009 Best Graduate School ranking announced on March 28, Fisher was ranked 27th for its MBA program.

Last year, the program was 22nd. Supply Chain/Logistics maintained a top 10 position within business school specialties. The college was ranked ninth among public institutions.

5 Management Science professors honored for research work
A review of management science, production and operations management professors in the United States recognized five Fisher professors on a list of the field’s top 50 scholars based on the impact of their research.

Management Science professors W.C Benton, John Current, Nicholas Hall, David Schilling and Peter Ward were selected from a review of 1,376 professors at 225 business schools.

The review conducted by Bin Jiang, assistant professor of management at DePaul University, calculated the importance, significance and broad impact of the scholars’ research contributions.

OSU teams compete in final round of prestigious tech entrepreneurship competition
Two teams of Fisher and Ohio State students recently competed in the finals of one of the nation’s most prestigious technology entrepreneurship competitions. The teams were two of the three finalists in The MRS Entrepreneurship Challenge on March 25 in San Francisco.

Graduate student Scott Bridgeman, Cecilia Shiroma, food science and nutrition graduate student, Christopher Jaworski, mechanical engineer graduate student, Adam Winter, second-year MBA student, and Jitendra Kumar, MBA for Working Professionals student, led TECVision. The group is introducing an innovative cell growth device for Chinese Hamster Ovary cells. The technology can double cell growth rates by electrically conducting biodegradable polymers.

Graduate biomedical engineering student Mihaela Jekic, Bruce Caldwell, MBA for Working Professionals student, Eric Cochran and Aaron Sander, both graduate physics students, led NanoMed. The group is introducing the ZipDisc Gene Delivery System which improves the success rate of delivering genetically modified cells.

Fisher 5K race
set for April 27

The fifth annual Fisher 5K Run and Walk is set for 9 a.m. Sunday, April 27. The race through the Ohio State campus is presented by Fisher Serves and proceeds will benefit the Boys and Girls Club of Columbus.

Registration is $20 for students and $25 for non-students or $30 on race day. Awards will be given to the top three males and females overall as well as the top three in each category. More information is available online at

MAcc alum honored for earning highest score in 2007 on CPA exam
Brush with celebrity is nothing new for Jered Green, who had a bit role in a major Hollywood motion picture. This time, however, it’s not a Hollywood studio, but the West Virginia Board of Accountancy that is shining a spotlight on the 2007 MAcc graduate.

Green had the highest score in the state on the Certified Public Accountant’s examination in 2007. “I over studied,” said Green, who is now an associate auditor for Arnett & Foster in Charleston, W. Va. “I had that feeling you have when finishing a test; that I didn’t do so well.” Not only did he score a near perfect 98 and a perfect 99 (the test does not allow for 100 percent score), Green chose an accelerated testing strategy for the four-part exam.

Typically, most aspiring CPAs take the four-part exam over six months. Instead, Green completed the test in four months time. “I wanted to get the test done before I started work,” he said. A salary bonus for successfully completing the certification exam was an added incentive, he said.

The West Virginia Society of Certified Public Accountants will honor Green at their annual meeting June 18-21 at the lavish Greenbrier, the legendary resort in White Sulfur Springs.

Green received his undergraduate degree at Marshall University, where he was cast as an extra in the film, “We Are Marshall” in 2006.

News Briefs

Larry Inks, clinical assistant professor of management and human resources, was quoted in a March 26 Columbus Dispatch article on a comedian turned consultant who uses improvisation to teach employees problem solving, creativity and collaboration.

Inks told the paper that companies are trying unconventional training methods to capture employees' attention.

Andrew Karolyi, Charles R. Webb Designated Professor of Finance, was quoted in an April 1 Columbus Dispatch article on proposals made by Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson to overhaul the nation’s financial regulatory system.

Karolyi told the paper that Poston’s plan is ambitious and bold but wouldn’t help fix the economy immediately.

Peter Ward, Richard M. Ross Chair in Management and chair of the Management Sciences department, was quoted in a March 18 The Daily Reporter article on Fisher’s extensive lean management curriculum.

Ward told the paper the program is unique to business schools because of its in depth teaching of lean management.

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