Wendy's CEO Kerrii Anderson receives Fisher's Cullman Award

Kerrii Anderson
, chief executive officer and president of Wendy’s International, was awarded the W. Arthur Cullman Award on May 24 for her promotion of business excellence through education.

Anderson was presented with the award named in honor of the late W. Arthur Cullman, a nationally recognized marketing scholar at Ohio State, during the 13th Biennial W. Arthur Cullman Symposium.

Fisher Dean Joseph A. Alutto presents Kerri Anderson, chief executive
officer and president of Wendy’s International, with the W. Arthur
Cullman Award.

The award is given to top-level executives and corporate partners. Past recipients include, Leslie H. Wexner, chair o
f the Limited; Estée Lauder, chair of Estée Lauder Companies, James G. Oates, president of Leo Burnett and NetJets.

This latest recognition strengthens Anderson’s already strong ties with Fisher. In the past, she has donated her time on campus by serving on the Dean’s Advisory Council and in 2002 she received the college’s Pace Setters Executive Award.

“This is special to me,” Anderson said after receiving the award from Fisher Dean Joseph A. Alutto. “I’m truly honored to accept this award and it’s really special to everyone at Wendy’s.”

Following the award presentation, Anderson spoke about executing corporate strategy at the world’s third largest quick-service hamburger restaurant chain. Her address focused on recent changes made by the company to make it financially stronger.

Last year, the company implemented a series of changes including the initial public offering and spin-off of Tim Horton’s, divestment of Baja Fresh and repurchase of $1 billion of Wendy’s stock, Anderson said.

“It was a tough year with a lot of change,” she said. “What that allowed us to do was truly make the focus on Wendy’s and as a result we improved financial results.”

Ohio State head football coach Jim Tressel discussed the strategies he utilizes
to develop athletic talent and achieve success on the playing field.

Wendy’s Chief Operating Officer Dave Neal and Chief Marketing Officer Ian Rowden also spoke during the presentation about the re-emphasis of the restaurant’s core values set by founder Dave Thomas and their newest marketing campaign.

The day-long symposium’s theme was "Insight to Mission," which focused on the use of data to devise business strategy. Ohio State head football coach Jim Tressel discussed the strategies he utilizes to develop talent and achieve success. The coach explained how his staff works with Buckeye players to set goals and develop a plan to be successful both personally and athletically.

Tressel outlined his “Block O of Life” philosophy, which helps players blend personal growth with performance-based goals to make them better on the gridiron, in the classroom and in life.

On a more serious note, FBI Special Agent Harry Trombitas and Steven L. Martin, chief deputy of Franklin County Sheriff’s Office Criminal Division, talked about their use of real-time data to solve the Interstate-270 sniper case, which terrorized Columbus in 2003-04.

The investigators stressed that every tip they received needed to be investigated carefully to find the person responsible for the multiple shootings which included one death.

When they received the 5,444 and last tip, which advised investigators to talk with the father of Charles McCoy, Trombitas said initially it didn’t look like the tip was going to amount to anything. McCoy was eventually arrested and pled guilty to the crimes.

“We stressed every single day, you never know what tip was going to be the one that will lead to the resolution of the case,” Trombitas said. “We’ve been through these things so many times that something on paper looked very mundane, and it just doesn’t look like it was going to amount to anything. Then all of a sudden we started following up on it and it turned out to be the golden jewel.”

Other speakers at the symposium included Gauthier Vasseur, director of solutions and industry marketing for Hyperion Solutions Corporation, sponsor of Fisher’s Center for Business Performance Management, and Derek A. Sasveld, CFA, managing director and senior asset allocation strategist for UBS Global Asset Management.