2009 Employment Statistics

With a significant number of Fortune 500 companies located in the Midwest, Fisher acts as a natural recruiting pool for these employers. The corresponding low cost of living in the Midwest (compared to the national average) causes the average real salary of Fisher graduates to be higher than other parts of the country. 

The data presented pertains to the MHRM Class of 2009.

Acceptance Distribution

  Timing of Job Acceptances  
  Accepted offer by graduation 88 percent
  Accepted offer within three months of graduation 93 percent

Base Salary

  Median Base $65,000
  Average Base Salary $67,675
  Base Salary Range $33,000-89,000

Function Distribution

  Function Percentage of Class
  Human Resources 66.7 percent
  Other 18.5 percent
  Not reported 14.8 percent

Top Hiring Companies

  Employers that have hired Fisher MHRM students over the past three years
  BAE System NiSource
  Boehringer Ingelheim Raytheon
  Eaton Corporation Sears Holdings
  ExxonMobil Shell Oil Company
  General Mills Time Warner Cable
  Lockheed Martin Wright Patterson Air Force Base

Geographic Distribution

of Class
Average Salary
(in U.S. dollars)
Median Salary
U.S. dollars)
  Midwest 70.4 percent 59,257 47,840
  South 3.7 percent 59,919 59,973
  Southwest 18.5 percent 84,750 84,750
  Not reported 7.4 percent 71,000 71,000

Job Seeking/Work Experience Statistics

of Class
Average Salary
U.S. dollars)
Median Salary
U.S. dollars)
  Not reported 11.1 percent 68,000 68,000
  One year or less 40.7 percent 67,803 72,000
  One to three years 22.2 percent 69,980 80,500
  Three to five years 22.2 percent 57,059 58,867
  Five years or more 3.8 percent 47,000 47,000