International Students

Our faculty comes from all around the globe: Brazil, Canada, China, Germany, India, Israel, Sweden, Switzerland ,and Turkey, just to name a few. Many also teach and conduct research in a number of well-known institutions abroad.

If you wish to go beyond U.S. culture and your own, Fisher’s Office of Global Business offers you opportunities on nearly every continent around the globe. Or, you may choose to take our popular emerging markets elective to build your global savvy.

You’ll meet Fisher graduate students currently enrolled from more than 30 countries, including Bulgaria, China, Ethiopia, Ecuador, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Japan, Korea, Nigeria, Netherlands, and Peru.

International Student Orientation

This program is open to all international students before the start of the general orientation. It addresses challenges and opportunities that are unique to international students, from integration into the U.S. and local Columbus cultures to internships and full-time professional searches in the U.S. The program provides many useful tips on resources that are available within and outside the university.

International Business Club

Fisher’s International Business Club is a highly active student organization which exposes all graduate students to the richness of cultural diversity through a variety of fun and enlightening events. For example, you may enjoy an Ethiopian dinner, listen to executive speakers on global business opportunities, experience South Korean karaoke, or attend an international movie night.

At A Glance: Ohio State Goes Global

The Office of International Affairs (OIA) is the university’s center that welcomes all international students, OIA introduces you to the university and Columbus and provides social, cultural, and educational programs that facilitate the integration process. OIA’s expert staff offers advice on any concerns you may have, such as cultural differences, immigration regulations, or financial matters, helping to ensure that you have the greatest opportunity to achieve your academic and personal goals.

Ohio State World Media and Culture Center
The World Media and Culture Center provides student and faculty ready access to global media and training in cutting-edge technologies. The center contributes to Ohio State’s standing as a premier institution for the study of languages and cultures.

Ohio State Foreign Language Center
The Foreign Language Center at Ohio State, through innovative projects and collaborations, has developed creative approaches to teaching and studying languages and cultures.

Columbus' International Reach

Columbus is a multi-cultural city, and according to the latest census, plays host to residents from more than 90 countries. Columbus has six additional sister cities, including Ahmedabad, India; Dresden, Germany; Genoa, Italy; Hefei, China; Herzliya, Israel; Odense, Denmark; Seville, Spain; and Tainan City, Taiwan.

Multi-faith Columbus
Along with the rest of the U.S., Columbus has a very open and welcoming culture, which is evidenced in its numerous places of worship for a variety of religions and denominations.

Multi-ethnic Columbus
Columbus’s multitude of residents from many different ethnic backgrounds means that the city also has some of Midwest's best ethnic restaurants. Among our various cuisines are Chinese, Ethiopian, French, German, Greek, Indian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Mexican, Middle Eastern, Spanish, and Thai.

Columbus International Film and Video Center
Since 1952, Columbus has hosted an annual film festival which promotes the use of film and video to encourage national and global education and communication.

International Gateway
Port Columbus International Airport is Columbus’s gateway to the world. The airport has more than 390 daily arrivals and departures and serves numerous international and national destinations.

International Festivals in Columbus

Columbus celebrates a number of international festivals throughout the year, each highlighting the diverse backgrounds of the Columbus residents.