Student Sponsors

MBOE students are educated to become lean leaders within their organization. Sponsors (or employers) have found that students in the MBOE program provide an immediate impact in advancing their organizations’ lean processes. This is accomplished through the capstone project where students develop and implement an actual process-improvement plan at their place of employment. 

Reasons to Sponsor an Employee 

Development of a mentor
A new lean leader in your own organization who can deliver change and mentor other employees on continuous improvement

Coaching by experts
One-on-one access to lean expert and consultant for 12 months

Deployment of new skills
Specifically in operational excellence enabling teams to get to the bottom of problems and develop effective countermeasures

Earn a degree
Receive a degree from a highly ranked business school and university

Return on investment
Capstone project outcomes often far exceed the cost of tuition and related expenses.

View MBOE Capstone Projects at The OSU Knowledge Bank

View student projects and outcomes at the Ohio State University Libraries Knowledge Bank.
Here you can search past students projects and read an abstract about their project, see their A3, Return on Investment and other project documentation.

Achieving Real Results

 Past students have helped their sponsoring organizations experience the following results:

  • Plastic manufacturer reduced capital costs from $1.5M to less than $125,000
  • Hospital reduced insurance appeal lead time from 49 days to 14 days
  • Industrial project manufacturer reduced lead time from 238 days to 14 days
  • Medical lab reduced critical test turnaround time from 224 minutes to 59 minutes
  • Software developer reduced lead time from 60 minutes to10 minutes and error rate from 33% to 5%