Alice Lee

Title: Vice President, Business Transformation

Company: Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center


 Alice Lee is the Vice President of Business Transformation at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, a major teaching affiliate of Harvard Medical School. 

Alice is the responsible leader for introducing and effectuating an environment of operations excellence and continuous improvement principles throughout the BIDMC community.  Primary methods are through teaching, management coaching, and providing technical expertise with the goal to transform operational processes by reducing costs, enhancing revenue, increasing efficiency, instilling respect for people into the culture, and empowering teams to continuously improve their work.

In 2004, Alice envisioned a department of Business Transformation to promote skills to survive and thrive in an unknown future, proactively manage change, and align systems and structure to support the business direction and goals.  To support that aim, Alice soon introduced the Toyota Production System to the Medical Center.  Her team of process engineers brings additional skills, including Six Sigma, computer simulation modeling, and process optimization. Alice provides a laser focus on shifting the mindset of senior leaders, staff and physicians to value a keener sense of order around processes and systems, where everyone solves problems at their appropriate level to create a balance of big and little change.

Alice has built an extensive network to enhance and share our learning with hundreds of organizations and over time has elevated BIDMC’s stature as a continuous improvement leader.  Alice is a speaker and thought leader at national and international healthcare and industry conferences.

Alice has a strong passion for developing people and building the problem solving capability through rapid cycle learning within the organization.  At this critical juncture in BIDMC’s lean improvement journey, her focus is on driving alignment, synergy, and purpose throughout the organization by leveraging the enthusiasm and momentum of its people who accept lean as more than a toolbox.

For the past year, Alice has driven experiments to focus on seeing beyond the problem edges to take the big step from improving each piece of the system in isolation to creating an end-to-end perspective for patient and material flow.

Her previous roles at BIDMC include Vice President of Department of Pathology and Vice President of Clinical Information Systems.  Prior to joining BIDMC, Alice was a management consultant in the Healthcare practice at Ernst & Young, LLP, where she led multiple large-scale projects for Integrated Delivery Networks.