We are proud to say that Fisher’s alumni body is one of the largest and most active in the world. You will find that this remarkable network of people supports each other throughout their careers and generously gives time, experience, and counsel to Master of Business Logistics Engineering students.

They act as mentors, share their business experiences with students at executive luncheons, and become valuable business contacts in the post-Master of Business Logistics Engineering job search.

Fisher graduates thrive in large corporations as well as in small- and mid-size companies and entrepreneurial ventures around the globe. With more than 62,000 alumni — many in leadership positions — in more than 80 countries, you will have plenty of opportunities to network and get a head start on your professional journey, whether you want to succeed in Columbus or rise through the ranks in Beijing.

Hands-on Alumni Involvement

Alumni also visit our campus as lecturers and guest speakers, sharing their experiences and successes with both large audiences and smaller groups.

Fisher's powerful alumni online networking tool allows our current MHRM students and alumni to search for specific profiles, industries, or job functions. Students and alumni frequently interact and connect.

Alumni Bond Attracts Recruiters

Alumni also play an important role in finding that first job after receiving the Master of Business Logistics Engineering program. According to a The Wall Street Journal survey, nearly two-thirds of corporate recruiters say that an alumni link is very or somewhat important in their decision about which schools to visit. At Fisher, with our strong alumni connections, we take great pride in having nearly 300 companies come and recruit on campus.