Designing and coordinating the flow of goods and information through supply chains is one of today’s fastest growing and exciting professions. This growth is the result of changesin the business environment such as the globalization of markets and sources of supply, the availability of information technology and an unprecedented level of competition among firms.

Companies are continuously challenged to reduce logistics costs while simultaneously providing higher service levels to their customers. In response, many firms are looking for a new breed of logistics professionals who combine strong managerial and technical skills.

Letter from the Director

Steve DeNunzio, Master of Business Logistics Engineering program director, discusses how Ohio State’s Master of Business Logistics Engineering program will help you become a leading logistics professional equipped with managerial and technical skills.


Preparing your application is your chance to shine and distinguish yourself among your peers. Review all the elements needed to apply for the Master of Business Logistics Engineering program.

Application Deadlines

We process applications on a rolling admissions basis. Check out the application deadlines for domestic and international students. Your application must be complete by the deadlines to be considered for admission to the Master of Business Logistics Engineering program.

Cost and Tuition

A summary of the tuition and fees for students enrolled in the Master of Business Logistics Engineering program.

Financial Aid

Master of Business Logistics Engineering students are eligible for financial assistance through Ohio State's outstanding fellowship program and graduate associate programs.

Class Profile

Our goal is to select the most diverse and strongest student body from our applicant pool. Our smaller program size leads to meaningful one-on-one learning experiences with your fellow classmates. Often times your classmates will become your friends and connections for life.


At Fisher, we’re committed to providing a well-rounded learning experience. Your classmates will have a wide range of backgrounds coming from many countries and industries.

International Students

Dynamic and diverse are two words you will hear applied often to Fisher students. As one of them, you will live and work with peers who bring rich, multicultural backgrounds and international experience to the table.


Have a question about the application process? Check out a list of the most frequently asked questions.