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Research and Business Partnership Centers

Master of Business Logistics Engineering students have the unique opportunity to participate in research that is taking place in both Fisher College of Business and the College of Engineering's Integrated Systems Engineering (ISE) Department.

Centers in both colleges allow students to connect with industry professionals and take part in leading research.

Fisher Research and Business Partnership CentersIntegrated Systems Engineering Laboratories, Centers and Institutes

Fisher’s Research and Business Partnership Centers create the intellectual innovations that fuel business growth around the world. Many of the nation’s most forward thinking companies turn to Fisher faculty for new ideas and business solutions. Our 10 research centers support teaching, research and development and provide a professional forum for exchange between faculty, students and the corporate community.

Work performed through each of the centers is the key to stimulating economic growth and development in central Ohio and the Midwest.

Explore each of our Research and Business Partnership Centers to find out how they are building best business practices and turning ideas into business.