Like our students, our faculty members have come to Fisher from all over the world, many from the most prestigious universities in the United States. They believe in the quality of our student-faculty interaction, our unique style of experiential learning, and our top-notch reputation for research. Fisher’s student-faculty ratio is an impressive 3-to-1, a factor our students cite time and time again as a key ingredient in their academic experiences.

Kenneth Boyer

Professor Boyer’s areas of expertise include operations strategy,  technology management and e-commerce operations. He is co-editor in chief of the Journal of Operations Management, has had more than 40 journal articles published. Dr. Boyer has given invited presentations in eight different countries and been quoted in several prominent periodicals including The New York Times , Business 2.0 , the Chicago Tribune and USA Today. Read Kenneth Boyer’s full biography.

Martha Cooper

Professor Cooper has co-authored three books on customer service, partnerships and strategic planning for logistics, and conducts an annual study on women in logistics. She has published in such journals as Industrial Marketing Management, The International Journal of Logistics Management, The International Journal of Physical Distribution and Logistics Management, The Journal of Business Logistics, The Journal of Classification, The Journal of Marketing Research, The Journal of Personal Selling and Sales Management, Applied Psychological Measurement and Psycho-metrika. Read Martha Cooper’s full biography.

Keely Croxton

Professor Croxton has extensive interest and knowledge in applying mathematical models to logistics issues. She has also worked with Ohio State’s  Global Supply Chain Forum to develop a process-oriented framework for supply chain management. Dr. Croxton’s experience spans the automotive, paper and packaging and third-party logistics industries  Read Keely Croxton’s full biography.

Steve DeNunzio

Mr. DeNunzio’s areas of expertise include logistics technology, project & program management, and continuous improvement. Having spent two decades in retail, with companies such as DSW, Bob Evans & Farms, and Lululemon Athletica, he brings real-world experience and perspective to the classroom. Read Steve DeNunzio’s full biography.

Thomas Goldsby

Dr. Thomas J. Goldsby's research interests include logistics strategy, supply chain integration, and the theory and practice of lean and agile supply chain strategies. He has published more than 50 articles in academic and professional journals and serves as a frequent speaker at academic conferences, executive education seminars, and professional meetings. He is the author of several books, including: The Definitive Guide to Transportation (Financial Times, 2014), Global Macrotrends and Their Impact on Supply Chain Management (Financial Times, 2013), The Design and Management of Sustainable Supply Chains (Cambridge University Press, forthcoming), and Lean Six Sigma Logistics: Strategic Development to Operational Success (J. Ross Publishing, 2005). 

 Read Tom Goldsby's full biography

Nicholas Hall

Professor Hall’s research has been published in Operations Research, Networks and Annals of Operations Research. He is an associate editor of Operations Research, Management Science and IIE Transactions and the author of more than 50 articles in the areas of manufacturing, production, scheduling and applications of management science to a variety of business and public sector problems. Read Nicholas Hall’s full biography

James Hill

Professor Hill conducts research on production planning and control systems in process industries, including master production planning, inventory management, supply chain management and supplier development programs. His research has been published in such journals as Interfaces and International Journal of Production Research. He was also a recipient of the General Electric Faculty of the Future Fellowship for his work on bi-criteria production scheduling. Read James Hill’s full biography

Michael Knemeyer

Professor Knemeyer’s research focus is on supply chain relationships. His work has been published in such professional journals as the Harvard Business Review, Transportation Journal, Journal of Business Logistics and International Journal of Logistics Management. Knemeyer was also a co-author of four chapters in the book Supply Chain Management: Processes, Partnerships, Performance. Read Professor Knemeyer’s full biography

Prakash Mulchandani

With more than 30 years of experience in industry, Professor Mulchandani brings extensive knowledge of the “real world” toward teaching in the business curriculum. He has taught courses in financial, managerial and cost accounting, as well as corporate strategy. At Rockwell International, he had assignments in several functional areas of the company, including finance, accounting, materials/logistics, and manufacturing. He has also served as president of the Commercial Vehicle Systems Business. Read Prakash R. Mulchandani's full biography

Mark Sullivan

Dr. Sullivan, as an organizational psychologist, is an expert in leadership, experiential learning and development and executive performance. Over a 35 year period, he has held senior level human capital positions at Accenture, Honeywell, Battelle and United Airlines. His research interests are in adversity and agility. Particularly in looking at key practices that acclerate the capacity to turn tough times in to better times. His publication and Board-level activity has focused on creating organizational and individual capability in high change, demanding environments.

 Read Mark Sullivan's full biography

Walter Zinn

Professor Zinn is an expert on the effects of inventory centralization and sales forecasting on safety stocks and logistics partnerships. His recent research focuses on the impact of customer service policies on the determination of safety stocks. His other primary area of interest involves logistics issues in Latin America, a country experiencing tremendous growth. Dr. Zinn’s studies for the World Bank, which discuss supply chain management problems generated by imperfections in public policy, have been recognized widely by both academic and business entities. Read Walter Zinn’s full biography

Integrated Systems Engineering faculty members are leaders in their respective fields and bring research and real world experience to their classrooms and labs.

Theodore Allen

Professor Allen's research interests include the intersection of statistics, operations research, and engineering including cognitive engineering. He is a fellow of the American Society for Quality (ASQ) and member of INFORMS and AMSTAT. Dr. Allen has authored more than 50 publications including two textbooks. He has had numerous involvements with journals including reviewing and serving on editorial boards and has won multiple teaching awards. Read Theodore Allen’s full biography

Jerald Brevick

Professor Brevick’s areas of expertise include metal forming processes with emphasis on metal casting, tooling materials, process and tooling design, and the impact of metal forming processes on the environment. He has been a faculty of Integrated Systems Engineering department since 1990. Before to joining Ohio State, he was a metallurgical engineer for SPX Corporation. He is a Registered Professional Engineer in the State of Ohio, and a member of the Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME), IIE, and North American Die Casting Association (NADCA). Dr. Brevick is also the faculty advisor to the student chapter of the Society of Manufacturing Engineers at Ohio State. Read Jerald Brevick’s full biography

Julia Higle

Professor Higle serves as the Chair of the Integrated Systems Engineering Department. Her research interests include operations research: models and methods for decision making under uncertainty; eEnterprise modeling and optimization; stochastic programming; optimization; and stochastic processes. Prior to joining Ohio State, she served as a faculty member in the department of Systems and Industrial Engineering at the University of Arizona from 1985-2006. She is a member of INFORMS and IIE. Read Julia Higle’s full biography

Simge Küçükyavuz

Professor Küçükyavuz's research interests include mixed-integer programming, computational optimization, optimization under uncertainty, applications in communications network design, emergency management and logistics. Dr. Küçükyavuz has a research program in mixed-integer programming and its applications with funding from the National Science Foundation. Prior to joining the faculty at Ohio State, Dr. Küçükyavuz was an assistant professor in the Systems and Industrial Engineering Department at the University of Arizona and a research associate at Hewlett-Packard Laboratories. Read Simge Küçükyavuz's full biography

Marc E. Posner

Professor Posner's areas of expertise include optimization, with an emphasis in integer programming, analysis of heuristics, along with special interests in production, scheduling, facility layout, and the supply chain. Recently, he supervised the development of a large scale network model to optimize the recycling of waste for the Environmental Protection Agency. The research is embedded in a user friendly package called EcoFlow. This model is being used by several cities to increase the waste being recycled. Read Marc Posner's full biography.

Thomas Santner

Professor Santner's research interests include the design of experiments and the analysis of discrete data. He is the co-author of a book on the design of experiments for statistical selection and screening. He is currently working on a project to extend and adapt methodology from the literature on designing computer experiments to determine better engineering designs of prosthetic devices. Read Thomas Santer’s full biography

Elizabeth Stasny

Professor Stasny's research work is motivated by applications in the social sciences. Her research interests include modeling missing data, particularly in categorical data from large-scale sample surveys. She also serves as the associate faculty director of Ohio State’s Center for Survey Research. Read Elizabeth Stasny’s full biography

Ramteen Sioshansi

Professor Sioshansi’s research interests include optimization, renewable energy analysis, power systems economics, market and mechanism design, energy policy, game theory and decision science. He was recently awarded a $1.675 million dollar grant to develop models for policy-makers to predict the impact of plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles on electrical grids. Prior to joining Ohio State Professor Sioshansi was a postdoctoral researcher at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, studying issues related to integration of utility-scale renewable energy projects into electric power systems. Read Ramteen Sioshansi’s full biography

Cathy Honghui Xia

Professor Xia’s research interests cover a broad spectrum in the areas of performance modeling and analysis, with applications to computer and networking systems. Her research focuses on using stochastic models and probabilistic analysis to provide insight and solutions for efficient design and control of information networks and distributed systems.

Before coming to Ohio State, she was a senior research scientist at IBM T. J. Watson Research Center, where she served as the chair of the Professional Interest Community on Performance Modeling and Analysis at IBM Research. Dr. Xia holds numerous U.S. and International Patents and has received many IBM awards including three times the IBM Research Division Award and a number of Invention Achievement Awards.

She is the co-editor of the Book Performance Modeling and Engineering, Springer 2008. She is the associate editor of International Journal of Information Systems in the Service Sector (IJISSS). Read Cathy Honghui Xia's full biography

Xinyi Xu

Professor Xu’s research interests include Bayesian forecasting and modeling, decision theory, information theory and applications. Her doctoral dissertation established a general theory for minimax and admissible predictive densities for the multivariate normal model under Kullback-Leibler loss, and revealed some interesting connections between the point estimation and density forecasting problems. This has laid the foundations for the development of new predictive methods for a wide variety of problems that she is currently pursuing. Read Xinyi Xu’s full biography

Master of Business Logistics Engineering faculty are committed to teaching new ideas and creating new knowledge. This makes for a relevant and engaging learning environment where you’ll be able to dig in and challenge yourself. Our faculty are considered top leaders in their fields, yet they know you individually and are interested in your progress and ideas.

Ohio State faculty members are also very involved with industry problems and practices and use industry ties to make the Master of Business Logistics Engineering program applied and relevant. Industry contacts are also fundamental to generating summer internships and placements.