Social Scene

Like anywhere else, the social scene at Fisher is what you make of it. But unlike everywhere else, the social scene here is teaming with your peers and loads of activities tailored to graduate students. In addition to events driven by student clubs and organizations, there are plenty of things to do outside of the business school for singles, married students, spouses, children, and families.

Some MAcc students share their favorite places to spend time when they are not focused on course work. Click on the picture next to each response to view a video or photos.

Easton Town Center
  Where is the best place to go shopping?

"My favorite hangout place is Easton Town Center. It is an indoor and outdoor mall and it is big with everything that you can imagine."

Nicole Henley
Class of 2010

  Where is the best place to grab a bite to eat?

"I really like a lot of the local places. The Thurman Café, a burger joint in German Village, has some of the best and biggest burgers so you’ve got to bring an appetite."

Nate Eick
Class of 2010

  Where is the best place to work out on campus?

My favorite activity is going to the RPAC. I think Ohio State has the best gym I’ve ever seen. It’s really impressive. You can go exercise, there is also a hot tub, and a swimming pool, and a sauna.

Minyi Su
MHRM Class of 2010

  Where is the best place to get locally grown food?

"I definitely recommend that everyone checks out the North Market. It is an indoor market near campus that is made up of 30 booths that sell prepared foods and fresh groceries. It is a great place to take company because with Indian, Italian, French, Japanese, and Mexican food (just to name a few) available, everyone can find something they love. The hard part is choosing just one thing to get! You can also check out Jeni's Ice Creams there which is a Columbus original."

Laura Anne Jones
Class of 2010

Brutus Buckeye
  What are football game days like in Columbus?

"Football Saturdays in Columbus...if you haven’t experienced these you definitely should. It’s a wonderful time and amazing just to see so many people around campus. It is an incredible feeling especially if you can sit in Ohio Stadium. It melts my heart every time."

Nate Eick
Class of 2010

  Where is your favorite place to go after classes to socialize with classmates?

"The Big Bang Bar, which is a piano bar in the Arena District. We once had an "event of the week" there on Thursday night and the place was packed. Dueling pianos, it is great."

Bennett Kowalk
Class of 2010

Columbus Zoo And Aquarium Clippers Clippers Clippers Columbus Zoo WildLights display
  What is your favorite place to spend time with the family?

"My wife and I enjoy going to the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium with our daughter. We go often because it’s extremely family oriented and there’s so much to do. It was recently rated as the best zoo in the country." 

Daniel Packard
MHRM Class of 2010

Clippers Clippers Clippers Clippers Clippers Clippers Clippers
  Other than at Ohio State where is the best place to watch live sporting events?

"With the Arena District downtown and the Columbus Blue Jackets hockey team coming to town, there has a blossoming of the downtown landscape. The Columbus Clippers baseball team just moved into a new ballpark so there really are a lot of things happening in that area."

Bobby Murphy
Class of 2010