Pre MAcc Seminar

Business students with majors in fields other than accounting are encouraged to apply for admission to the MAcc program. To assist such students in efficiently completing the accounting requirements for the MAcc program, the accounting faculty offers a Pre-MAcc Seminar through Fisher Executive Education.

MAcc applicants whose business baccalaureate degrees do not include sufficient accounting can strengthen or extend their accounting backgrounds with this 2.5 week late-summer program. The program enhances students’ proficiency in intermediate accounting, cost/managerial accounting, and auditing.

Conditionally admitted students who need to complete the intermediate financial accounting and intermediate managerial accounting prerequisites can opt to enroll in the PreMAcc Seminar, which is held each summer prior to the start of the fall term.

Additional information about the Pre-MAcc Seminar is available through the Executive Education web site or by calling (614) 292-9300.