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Career Opportunities

Export Internship Program for Undergraduates

In partnership with the Ohio Department of Development, the Fisher College of Business Office of Global Business/CIBER is proud to offer the Export Internship Program, which pairs small and medium-sized Ohio companies with undergraduate students. Students serve as interns within the companies, working on customized, export-related projects. Assignments could include creating a strategic plan for expanding export activities, identifying new export markets, or linking companies to various export assistance organizations. For more information click here, or contact the Office of Global Business/CIBER by e-mail

English Opens Doors Program

Supported by the Chilean Ministry of Education and the UN Development Programme, the English Opens Doors Program works with native and near-native English speakers between 21 and 35 years old to teach English in Chile under the direction of head teachers in public and semi-private schools. 

MBA Enterprise Corps For Graduates

The MBA Enterprise Corps is a private volunteer organization founded by a consortium of leading U.S. business schools in 1990. It is a division of the Citizens Development Corps that provides MBA graduates with an opportunity to put their skills to work in an emerging economy. The Corps’ long-term objective is to build bridges between the U.S. and emerging countries by enhancing trade, technology transfer and investment opportunities through the experience of recent MBA graduates.

The host organizations in these emerging economies are private companies or the local consulting groups that assist them. The consulting assignments for participating MBA graduates last for 15 months - 3 months of intensive language and culture training starting in July followed by a 12-month assignment with the host organization beginning in October. Participants in the program can expect to formulate new business plans, develop financial proposals, establish marketing programs, and much more!

Host organizations are committed to adopting modern business practices and developing competitive business strategies. They view the Corps member as an advisor who can assist with this process. They have at least one fluent English speaker who can help the Corps member with language and other cultural challenges.

Candidates for the MBA Enterprise Corps are generally second-year MBA students with at least three years of significant work experience. Candidates are accepted into the program based on their ability to take risks and be entrepreneurial, patient, and flexible.

Each year, the Office of Global Business will offer an information session about the Corps in early to mid-January. All MBA students will be notified of this event. For more information about the MBA Enterprise Corps, please visit the MBA Enterprise Corps website.